101 Things About Me – What is Michelle Like?

Michelle Randomness

  1. I am Jewish, but the vast majority of my friends are not. I grew up feeling like a minority, but this has played a big part in defining who I am.
  2. Jewish tradition is very important to me (as is keeping a Jewish home and raising Jewish children), but my spirituality and faith is found in nature and meditation.
  3. As an adult, I am a FREAKY good judge of character. It’s like my super power.  I can read a room really well and quickly ascertain if someone is being genuine (or not), and decide if I want to associate with them (or not).
  4. I’ve always wanted to learn American Sign Language. My mom says I was born deaf (somehow my hearing developed by the time I was 1 year old?), so I have always felt an affinity with the deaf community.
  5. I LOVE food and it’s an easy topic of conversation for me in any given situation.
  6. Favorite meal: brunch at a super fancy hotel/restaurant (where they serve steak and sushi along with made-to-order omelets and waffles). It’s incredibly rich, decadent (and expensive!), but I love it.
  7. One of my favorite places to be is my kitchen, listening to “French café” music, making something delicious while my children play (nicely).
  8. I am a Francophile and I plan to live in the French countryside at some point.
  9. I am an excellent cook, but I prefer to bake. I make pain au chocolat which rivals any French café (no joke).
  10. If someone offered to cook all my meals for me, I would be SO happy. (I can make a delicious meal, but I never said I wanted to make it!)
  11. I would forgo an entrée in order to eat dessert. Desserts are my favorite and I am very skeptical and suspicious of anyone who says they don’t like sweets.
  12. I am offended by adults who declare they don’t eat [insert dish or food] before they even try it or simply refuse to try it.  My 2 year old children have better table manners.
  13. I was a vegetarian for about 10 years until I dreamt about eating a steak. So I did.
  14. I love coffee and espresso drinks, but I struggle to finish half a cup of coffee in the morning.
  15. If past lives are real, I’m pretty sure I lived in Asia. I love Indian food, Chinese, Nepalese, Sri Lankan, Japanese… I could it all day, every day.  The strong spices and flavors are the best. Mmmm, umami.
  16. I prefer movies over TV series because I want a thoughtful conclusion. A TV series can end abruptly and it often feels clumsy, unfinished or forced (e.g. My So-Called Life and Dawson’s Creek).
  17. My favorite movie is Practical Magic. I love Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman’s long hair, but otherwise, I don’t know why I love it.  I only like the first half anyway.
  18. I have an incredibly high threshold for bad movies. I’ll watch just about anything.  The only movie I ever turned off was The Last Airbender.  M. Night, what happened?
  19. I LOVE watching reality TV like Sister Wives and anything Bachelor Nation. I feel like if I hadn’t met my husband, the only obvious way for me to meet my soul mate would be on TV.  I’m a dork.
  20. It takes A LOT to offend or embarrass me, but when it happens it’s usually over something most people would not find embarrassing or offensive.
  21. I don’t have an iPad or smartphone not because of the cost (which is what everyone guesses), but because I know I’ll get addicted. (Also, I don’t want to be someone who takes her device into the bathroom.  Put it down to poop!  Germs!)
  22. In high school, I was a straight-A student who was always on the Honor Roll.  In college, I REALLY struggled, especially with organic chemistry.  It was the worst!  I completely aced graduate school (I feel redeemed).

    First comes love, then comes marriage

  23. I’ve only had 3 official boyfriends. My hubby is #3, my forever boyfriend. Third time’s a charm.
  24. My husband and I met on a blind date. My first thought was, “Oh, he’s going to be my new boyfriend.” (see #3) His first thought was, “Oh, she’s been drinking.”  He was right.  I had a glass of wine because I was nervous and I had a good feeling about him, so extra nervous.  Wine helped.
  25. My husband has his doctorate in Organic chemistry (the universe is laughing, see #22).
  26. It took me longer to find my “soul mate” place of employment than to find my partner-in-life soul mate. I work in a pediatric hospital.  I am fulfilled in both areas now.
  27. My hubs and I were long-distance the first two years of our relationship (graduate schools in different states).
  28. If I hadn’t married my husband, I would be in a developing or war torn country on a humanitarian mission right now because my Master’s degree is in Global Public Health.
  29. I would have eloped, just me, my hubby and the Rabbi. For reals.  I compromised with a wedding of 9 people (me and hubby included).
  30. I have experienced too many freaky coincidences to think there isn’t a greater power than myself in the world. I have more than one soul mate, but my husband is the most soul-matey-ness (my other soul mates are my best friend soul-sisters).
  31. I know I married the right man.  I have never, not once, EVER doubted our soulmatey-ness.  We have never done the on-again/off-again/taking a break relationship dance.  I knew I would marry him after a month of dating.  So if we were on The Bachelor, it would have been day 4 of “this special journey.”

    Then comes the baby in the baby carriage

  32. I always knew I would be a good mom. It’s just something I was born knowing.  Even as a preteen I would think about how I wanted to live my life to be a good role model for my kids because I didn’t want them to be able to use the excuse of, “You did it when you were a teenager!”
  33. My friends call me Fertile Myrtle and joke my husband looks at me funny and I get pregnant. I feel incredibly blessed to get pregnant without issue.
  34. I have only ever hoped for daughters, so I am beyond thrilled to have only girls. I didn’t know how to talk to boys as a teenager, and I’m not any better now.
  35. I don’t expect to have a Gilmore Girls kind of relationship with my daughters, but I am really excited to watch our mother-daughter bonds grow and mature.
  36. Two of my girls are identical twins, but we get asked ALL THE TIME if they are triplets. All three look like me and I love this.  My vagina is a Michelle Xerox copy machine.
  37. I think I brought twins upon myself because when nursing my oldest I thought, “Well, this isn’t as efficient as I could be. I have two boobs and only one baby!”
  38. I have always thought if you’re going to have twins, they should be identical because that’s the coolest kind (right? Parent Trap or Sweet Valley High twin style)!  The type of identical twins I have happen 3 out of every 1000 births.  That’s 0.003%. NOT LIKELY.
  39. I do not want another baby, but I don’t like feeling as though the window of opportunity is closing (advanced maternal age)!
  40. I honestly believe my daughters will be friends as adults. I’m not pushing it, like “You’re sisters!  You have to be best friends!  You’re all you have!” I know they’ll find best friends they are not necessarily related to, but they genuinely enjoy each other’s company (and this warms my heart).
  41. I love my children more than life itself, but I know I need to work and maintain a professional identity in order to be happy.  I would become depressed and volatile if I was a stay at home mom.
  42. I started my blog because I was getting asked a lot of the same questions about life and motherhood. I never thought anyone but my best friends would read it.  As soon as I saw 40 people visited my website, I was blown away!
  43. As a kid I really wanted a dog.  In my early 20s I dog sat for a friend and changed my mind.  I am super content cuddling and visiting dogs, but I am not a pet owner.
  44. My daughters are petrified of dogs and I ask my friends if their dogs can “take a trip to visit with relatives” if we’re coming in to town for a visit. They are amazing and oblige because they see how stressful it is to handle terrified little girls constantly on guard, trying to crawl back into my womb for safety.

    My life now

  45. Because I don’t have a dog, the floors of my kitchen always have crumbs and I’m OK with it.
  46. I look forward to my birthday every year.  It’s a celebration, but I don’t want any presents.
  47. I strive to be a minimalist. I don’t look forward to being gifted “stuff” (unless it’s something yummy like chocolate and even then it is consumed).  I would much rather receive an experience over a wrapped gift.
  48. Manicures and pedicures are a waste of time and money for me. My feet are too ticklish and I pick the nail polish off as soon as I see a tiny chip.
  49. I am fairly tidy, but I pale in comparison to my husband.
  50. I always had perfect vision, until two years ago (Feb. 18, 2014, the day I launched my blog!). I need reading glasses.
  51. I am a millennial (ugh).
  52. I never went to sleep away camp as a kid and I’m really sad about this. Now I try to camp and recreate this missing childhood experience as often as I can.
  53. I don’t anticipate going on an adults-only vacation with my hubby until the girls are at sleep away camp (if they ever want to go to sleep away summer camp like Salute Your Shorts – remember that show?!). I cannot imagine being away from them for more than two nights.  Yes, I’m that mom.
  54. Yoga is therapeutic for my physical body; meditation is therapeutic for my mind. I have never been able to meditate during yoga.
  55. I love the idea of living off the land, like being a farmer with a giant vegetable garden.
  56. If I could travel back to “simple settler” times, I would. Enough with all this technology already! (I’m such an old lady.)  Also, I know I would rock being a pioneer woman and bake the best corncake, cornbread, corn anything!
  57. Facebook depresses me.
  58. I am an awesome friend, but I am also very picky.
  59. I prefer a cabin in the forest to a beach house. A lake is the perfect combination of beach and forest for me.
  60. I am an introvert (for reals, I have been evaluated by a certified Myers Briggs professional), but most people do not believe me when I say this because I know how to turn on the charm and be outgoing when I need to, but it exhausts me.
  61. Being in a crowd drains me and having a meal with more than 7 people overwhelms me.
  62. I don’t have patience to try to draw out wallflowers. When I was younger I was compelled to make everyone in a room feel comfortable.  Not anymore.  If someone wants to be quiet (and kind of socially awkward), I’m OK with it.
  63. Subsequently, I have grown comfortable in awkward conversational silence. I feel like I’ve been trained for this because my father was a scientist and my husband is a scientist (science dudes are notorious talkers – NOT).
  64. I have low tolerance for anxiety. Maybe it’s my overall “I got this attitude” in life, but people worrying about things I think are silly annoys me.
  65. I love driving and my first car had a manual transmission. I drive the family SUV now (a minivan does not suit my needs even though we have three across in car seats).  My SUV is an automatic and this makes me sad.  My next car will be stick!
  66. I am a safe driver, but I drive WAY too fast. Even my husband says I am an excellent driver, but I have issues pulling out of parking spots in a straight line.  True story.
  67. My favorite seasons are spring and fall. I appreciate summer and winter, but I tend to stay indoors if it’s too hot or cold out.  If I had to choose hot or cold, I would rather be cold because I can bundle up to get warm, but I cannot peel my skin off to cool down.
  68. I don’t play card games, but I am amazing at games like Scattergories and Cranium (bring it!).
  69. I get super competitive playing board games I feel I should be amazing at (see #68).
  70. I like miniature things and I like old things.  Old miniatures?  Love them.
  71. I have a phobia of big things, like I would pee my pants standing next to a blimp or hot air balloon. Visiting the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum makes me feel crazy anxious.
  72. I am a bleeding heart liberal.
  73. I am a feminist and I think my husband is too (which is awesome because we have three daughters).
  74. I am the most content when hugging one of my daughters and their body melts into mine. Nothing feels better in the world.
  75. All three of my daughters are incredibly affectionate and I love this because I want to cuddle with them even when they are grown-ups.
  76. I am excellent at maintaining nearby and long-distance friendships. I don’t buy the whole “I’m a mom who only focuses on her kids so I can’t have friends bullsh*t.”
  77. I still have trouble believing I’m a real adult.
  78. I am from Langhorne, PA. Claim to fame: Sesame Place.  It was like a rite of passage to work there over the summer as a high schooler, but I never did.
  79. My first real job (besides babysitting) was being a hostess at a restaurant. I had the best boss and learned many life lessons on how to be a good employee, which still serves me today.
  80. I met one of my best friends on my restaurant hostess gig. 18 years later, we’re still reminiscing about the cute servers we had crushes on!
  81. I tried to waitress and totally sucked at it.
  82. The mom friends I have made in Ohio are all women I would be friends with regardless of whether we have kids together or not because being mothers is secondary, I genuinely enjoy their company, friendship and find them fascinating. We have really nice play dates.
  83. I have one tattoo and I would only consider getting another if it was a mother-daughter thing. My husband says NO.
  84. I am fascinated by the show Sister Wives and would love to have helper sister wives without the whole sharing a husband thing (I would not be able to handle the jealousy).
  85. I am a stickler for proper grammar in an email or text. I automatically think less of someone who uses “U R” instead of “you are” or something similar.  Type it out dammit!  It just makes you look dumb.
  86. I am very lenient when it comes to sweets for my kids… almost criminally.
  87. 2015 was the first year I did not vomit in the past 10 years. I never threw up from drinking too much alcohol either, it was always illness or pregnancy (thanks twins and 36 weeks of puke).
  88. I am super decisive.  Unless I explicitly ask for your advice on something, don’t offer it. I only ask for advice from a select few – mostly my hubby and best friends.
  89. For years I would mistake crummy for crumby in conversation and now I purposefully do it with my husband.  I say, “My day was crumby…like it could fall apart any minute (like a scone)!”
  90. I am very innocent and I have never smoked ANYTHING, not even a cigarette.  I thought Crystal Meth was a new girl in 7th grade (I have a witness to prove my extreme naïveté).
  91. I am surprised by how easy it is to create this list of 100 things about myself! I wonder if I am a bit of a narcissist?
  92. I work with a stylist/image consultant and it has saved me tons of time and money.  I’m not particularly interested in fashion, but I love looking good with minimal effortTraci makes it easy for me, people make positive comments, and I always feel confident in my clothes!  Win-win people. Invest in yourself.
  93. I am not a materialistic person. I don’t care about status or brand name products, but I did tell my husband to buy the biggest engagement ring he could get.  He did AWESOME.
  94. I was born with a lot of unique and rare dental issues. I brush and floss daily, but still find myself in the dentist’s chair often.  I consider my dentist (and his wife) friends of my family.
  95. I do not like showering (wet hair annoys me) and I do not enjoy “getting ready for the day.” I can do my own make-up pretty well (YouTube tutorials are great), but I would rather skip the whole thing.
  96. I never intended to breastfeed until my husband gently suggested I just try it while pregnant with my first.  Now I am a major breastfeeding supporter and advocate.
  97. If I could continue nursing my daughters beyond the 13 months when they called it quits (and asked for pancakes), I would have in a heartbeat.  If they kept going, I don’t know when I would have stopped! They will always be my babies.
  98. I love the smell of a match right after it’s been blown out.
  99. My celebrity crush is Jason Bourne, except he’s a fictional character.
  100. My memory is 100% shot after having twins. I don’t think I have ever recovered from baby brain.
  101. There was a solid decade I didn’t cry, then getting married and especially having kids has made me teary at the drop of a hat. Having children has cracked my heart wide open and plugged me into the emotions of the world.
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