15 More Ways I’m a Bad Mom

Babies in cribs

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  1. I pierced the ears of all three of my daughters when they were 6 months old.
  2. I would have pierced them sooner, at 3 months, if my husband was OK with it.
  3. I am not constantly checking in on my kids. If they are quiet and I’m in another room, it doesn’t mean they are “up to no good.” (We’ve done enough behavior modification/discipline for them to know what they can and cannot get into without me there.) Unless someone is bleeding, I’m not concerned.  (Bonus, this means I can shower while the girls are playing!)
  4. I have felt “murdery” towards my oldest.  It took 4 years, but it happened because she was messing with my sleep schedule.  This is after experiencing years and years of uninterrupted sleep after we sleep-trained. Every second she was awake when I was supposed to be sleeping made me more and more angry. 12am-5am is meant for sleep! I was losing it.
  5. I don’t worry about someone randomly snatching my kids while out and about. I don’t feel anxious taking them out in public solo. It’s really just more annoying getting them in and out of car seats and making sure they hold hands while walking in the parking lot. If someone steals my kids, come 5pm they will want to give them back when they transform into needy, hungry Gremlins (adorable, but true). The arsenic hour is real!
  6. I stopped making excuses for my kids. If they don’t want to do something (like give hugs/kisses hello or goodbye with friends and family) or they are not interested in “performing” I no longer say things like, “I guess they are just _______ (fill in the blank with hungry, tired, or still warming up).” If they are not doing something it’s because they do not want to and it’s OK. They are their own people.
  7. I like my sassy pants girls. I don’t discipline all of their attitudes because I like how they speak their minds and don’t take crap from anyone. I don’t want them to be doormats.
  8. I consider running errands the same as a fun trip to the zoo or park. They are still excited to go to a new place, it usually involves a treat (if we’re at the supermarket and they have samples out, Sam’s Club is a favorite), and they just love running around and experiencing a new different environment. I don’t feel guilty about making our grocery shopping trips the same as a trip to the museum. They get an outing and I get a much-needed errand done, win-win.
  9. I don’t always follow what my pediatrician recommends. There are times I agree with what the doctor says and times I do not. I know my kid better than they do, so if it doesn’t feel right, I’m not going to follow their advice.
  10. I am a selfish mom who will take a solo weekend trip to see my best friends, go to a yoga class, go see a show or concert with friends, sign up to learn a new language (ie. more time away from my kids), or make regular plans with girlfriends for nights out. I am invested in self-care in order to be a better mom.
  11. I do not bother to coordinate the outfits of my identical twins to make them look extra “twinny.” Truth is, my three kids look alike anyway (often asked if they are triplets), I don’t have the time, energy or desire to accentuate they are sisters, and two are identical. I love seeing moms put beautiful outfits together for their daughters (complete with shoes and hair accessories when the kids are not even close to walking), and I wish I put as much care and thought into what my girls are wearing and then I think, “Meh.”identical enough2 3dentical enough2 identical enough4 identical enough
  12. Bathing is often optional. We do not have a regular bath schedule. My girls take a tubby about once a week unless they are completely covered in stickiness, paint, or their hair is super knotted (which honestly, hair detangling spray can take care of).  Generally, they are pretty clean kids because they act offended by dirt on their hands.  My ladies typically do not get mud or mulch on them, but they are happy to put any sort of food in their hair.
  13. I don’t push dinner on my kids unless they are actually hungry. I have noticed my girls eat big meals for breakfast and dinner, and dinner is more like a snack. This is a very European mindset where you eat bigger meals during your waking hours, and back off in the evening. Dinners with my kids often look like snacks with random fruits, veggies, and cheese.  They are following their own hunger cues, so I’m not about to mess with what feels natural to them.
  14. I encourage my kids to hang out in their cribs after they wake up. I think they need to chill in their beds for a bit upon waking up because they need some time to fully wake up. Also, I like the extra bit of time before I get them out of their rooms.
  15. There are days I panic.  There are many days I’m home with the girls solo and I wake up thinking, “What am I going to do with these kids all day?”  The thought quickly passes (meditating first thing in the morning takes care of it), but it’s still there.



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