June 2015

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How long do you want to be pregnant? When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I thought a full-term pregnancy was 36 weeks because pregnancies last for 9 months right? I was 100% WRONG. How long do you want to be pregnant? Ideally, 40 weeks, and our babies need as much time in the womb as possible to grow and develop.
My mind is guilty of jumping to conclusions, passing judgment and making assumptions. How often do you see someone who is pretty and thin and think skinny bitch? What has this woman done to warrant such a moniker from me – exist in my presence? I’m going to invest my thoughts and energy on the people who matter in my life...
I often hear, “Well you are lucky, you have easy kids.” I think there’s more to it than luck, it’s where I set my expectations and I look for the positive in every situation. I also try to tune in to what my kids needs are and what they are trying to communicate. Every baby has their own way of telling you what they want and what works for them.
My toddler looks disheveled, completely inappropriate for the season, and like she's been electrocuted (crazy curly hair she refuses to let style), but she's happy and I don't care. Now, when it comes to giving me attitude (which she'll do on occasion), hitting or misbehaving at the dinner table, I jump into action. Consistent parenting is hard, but being a consistent parent will help you avoid getting smacked! This is how we stop bad behaviors.
I was recently asked who my social supports in the community are, and I paused. I expected to rattle off a list of extended family but our parents and siblings live hundreds of miles away in different states. It takes a village to raise a child and I have been blessed to find family even though we have moved far away.

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