August 2015

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I have awesome girlfriends, but finding and maintaining friendships is not intuitive. Here are 7 steps to uncovering awesome friendships.
I have learned writing in a journal is easier than therapy for me and I get so much out of it. I love therapy (who wouldn’t love talking about themselves?), but I don’t have the motivation to actually search for a therapist for mental well-being maintenance. Writing in a journal helps me uncover what’s really …
What is my mama gut? For me, it’s the feeling of knowing just what to do with my daughters in a given situation. My mama gut has grown stronger every minute of the day since my oldest daughter was born. My gut’s guidance is strong now, but it started out as just a little tickle. …
Moms experience PPD, and it’s OK. Ladies, we are hard enough on ourselves! Mommy guilt is pervasive. I would like this blog to help the mom sitting at home with her new baby (or 11 month old) or pregnant with a baby right now (yes, PPD can show up before the baby arrives!) feeling like something is just not right. You are not alone.
It's World Breastfeeding Week (Aug. 1-7)! All moms are amazing and nursing support makes all the difference. Here is my support group of nursing mamas!

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