January 2016

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I was on my way to the hospital, apparently in labor and it was totally uneventful. Things REALLY picked up! Here is Part 2 of my twin birth story.
In 2013, I became a patient at Akron Children’s Hospital. Saying I was a patient sounds confusing because it’s a pediatric hospital and I am an adult. I never thought I could be a patient as an adult, but as a woman pregnant with twins (ie. a high risk pregnancy) it was the absolute best place for me to be. Here’s my patient, pregnancy and delivery experience. Here is Part 1.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, the holidays are over, but it’s Girl Scout Cookie time!!
Being in public amongst a sea of strangers with a kid in the middle of a tantrum does not faze me one bit, but being around moms I know makes me self-conscious. What’s the deal? My mama gut suddenly goes radio silent and I can feel beads of sweat begin to form. This is what happened the time I didn’t follow my mama gut.

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