March 2016

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I was losing patience, feeling drained and exhausted dealing with my 4 year old. Something had to change... I had a parenting wake-up call.
I admit I took to motherhood like a duck to water (even with twins), but the witching hour is when my darling angels are most prone to losing their minds over NOTHING. This is where I struggle.
When my twins were not hitting their developmental milestones, I knew I needed to reach out for help.
How I told my 4 year old about where babies come from.
My daughter was with me in the bathroom this morning, and I have my period. She started asking me questions about tampons and pads... here's what happened.
This is how I handle working mom guilt.
This is how I handle not providing educational-opportunities-every-minute-of-the-day Mom Guilt.
Take your Girl Scout cookies up a notch with this stuffed chocolate chip cookie recipe. Yep, you read it correctly, stuffed cookies! Beware: these are BIG and unbelievably delicious.
Mama guilt is PERVASIVE. There are times it feels like no matter what you do, it's not enough and it'll never be right. It's time we did something about this.
We all judge. Is this human nature? Are we just trying to compare ourselves to make sure we’re doing “OK?” One area I would like to stop judging is parenting.

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