April 2016

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It's been a year of working with my stylist. Here are 6 things I have learned.
I have a lot of work experience and I have learned a lot about what a good work environment can do and what a toxic work environment feels like. How do you know if your job is crushing your spirit? What do you do if your job is slowing killing your soul?
If you could write a letter to your younger self, what would you say?
Even though I'm not a little kid anymore, I LOVE my birthday. Here's why.
I am finally on Facebook and I don't like it. What am I missing here?
I'm done breastfeeding my babies, so this is what I think about breastfeeding now.
Having kids means I basically have a mirror put in front of my face just about every minute I am in their presence. This truly forces me to accept (and even love) my body... even with a post-twin pregnancy tummy.
I am trying to be a more mindful parent, here's how it's been going when handling my daughter's tantrums/meltdowns.

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