June 2016

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Every parent is passionate about their "thing." It's what they focus on and feel is super important. I didn't know what mine was until my friends pointed it out for me! Who watches my kids is my "thing."
I'm outing myself - here are the ways I know I am not following the "good mom" rule book.
In this post, a guest writer (and my best friend) share what it was like preparing for baby #2.
In a lot of ways, my 4 year old knows more about life than I do. Here's just one lesson she has taught me.
How do I know who I can trust? I've learned over the years...
The people I admire most, and find the most fascinating are those who have experienced hard knocks in life and do not let the yucky stuff keep them down. Their tragedy is not their story.
After having your first baby, I think a lot of parents forget every baby is different and what worked for #1 may not work for kids #2 or #3. It’s important to remember every kid is different and needs to be parented in their own way.
It's important for me to spend quality solo time with each of my girls. The best way for me to do this is with solo weekend trips.
Do-it-yourself marriage counseling! Give it a try.
How do I keep the spark alive after 10 years and 3 kids (twins!)? I realized I needed to write my own love story because fairy tales just are not cutting it. Here are 6 tips to help keep the spark in a relationship.

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