July 2016

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Mommy mentors pave the way for me. Who are they? What can I learn from a mentor?
Is it OK to let your "big" kids parent the younger ones? Is it wrong? Does this make me a bad parent?
I have three little kids, I work full-time outside of the home and I still need me time. I am a selfish mom.
Post-partum depression and anxiety is not something you can "just get over." It's a real medical condition we need to talk about.
What do you do when your kid says something you never thought would come out of their mouths? "I'm going to kill you!" was totally unexpected and tested my ability to keep my cool.
“Wow, my toddler is SO even-tempered and obedient!” said NO PARENT EVER. You usually hear, “Wow, my kid NEVER listens to me.” I try to soften this by saying I have a strong-willed toddler. So what's a mama to do?
As a parent, there is a lot you can worry about. My biggest fear is giving my kids the same negative body issues I experienced when I was younger.
Confession: I've gained weight. I'm not going to crash diet or even obsess and stress, but I do want to feel better in my skin and clothes. Here's what I plan to do.

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