September 2016

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Will I ever feel like I'm not the insecure girl who wanted a boyfriend in high school?
Get your stylist and image consultant questions answered straight from the source. My image consultant Traci speaks the truth and answers your questions.
Take time to date your partner, even though you're married with kids.
I am not signing my kids up for activities.  With the new school year, I hear parents talking about dance lessons, soccer games, football practice, gymnastics, music lessons and various other activities.  My oldest did gymnastics for about a month over the summer, it was a bear getting out the door every Saturday morning, so when …
Did I ever tell you about the time I almost lost my mind?
Terrorist attacks, hate crimes, prejudice and racism are not fun things to think about, but it's something we have to address. My best friend said it best.
Preventing my kids from getting hit by a car is a serious concern of mine, and I know it worries a lot of parents. You can't keep them inside all the time, so what do you do? Start teaching traffic safety at the earliest age possible!
Here's what I have gained and lost since becoming a mother.
I'm quitting Facebook. Here's my reason why.
This is why the prospect of three teenage daughters does not scare me.

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