50 More Things About Me (fun facts)

50 More Things About Me (fun facts)

In case you missed it, here is the original list of 101 Things About Me.  Now here are 50 more fun facts!

  1. I like moving my body, but I do not want to step foot in a gym or work out facility. I love yoga, hiking in our awesome Summit Metro Parks trails, riding my bike and taking long walks (this sounds like a personals ad!). I enjoy water aerobics (with the old ladies), but this requires a gym membership which I do not currently have.

    This is NOT me, but I can do them!
  2. People comment most often about how much my oldest looks like me, but I think my twins look more like me when I was little. I was actually blonde with blue eyes like my littles but now I’m brunette with green eyes. 
  3. My “happy place” is the woods, especially amongst the Redwoods.
  4. I am not a fan of talking on the phone and my phone does not text. I prefer in-person conversation or email.
  5. I am a really good listener, but I get annoyed when people don’t ask questions in return.
  6. I am a Jubu and I wrote about being a Jubu on a Jewish parenting blog, Kveller.com.
  7. Then I wrote about what my mom said to my Jubu-ness.
  8. Meditation really keeps me calm and gives me tons of patience with my kids. I can really feel a difference on the days I do not meditate (ie. I have a really short fuse with my girls).
  9. Some of my pet peeves are people who:
    1. are unsolicited advice-givers
    2. speak on a subject as if they are an expert, but I know they are not (talk to me about this after you make a living doing this or you get your PhD on the subject)
    3. state the obvious
    4. make excuses for anything (“I act this way because… I only did that because [blame something else])
  10. When it comes to conversation, I’m really looking for someone to truly contribute something new and interesting to the dialogue. If you can’t help but give unsolicited advice, offer it as an observation instead of an edict. Start a sentence off with, “You know, I noticed…” or “Do you mind if I share my experience?” instead of “This is what you need to do.” What I need to do is excuse myself from talking with you, good-bye.
  11. My favorite comfort food is my mom’s schnitzel and mashed potatoes. If I was on death row, it would be my last meal. It tastes like love to me.
  12. I have a MAJOR musical crush on Lin Manuel-Miranda. He’s a genius and I have dream cheated on my husband with him (it was just a kiss, get your mind out of the gutter)!
  13. I have dream cheated on my husband quite a bit. My subconscious is unfaithful.
  14. My heart is international. I have a great need for a global life. I consider myself a citizen of the world, not just one country. I would gladly move to another country if the opportunity presented itself.
  15. Countries I have visited: France, Italy (twice), England, Canada, Mexico (twice), Dominican Republic, Israel. Seeing stamps in my passport makes me very happy
  16. I hope to add a few more international trips in the next year or so – France (again), Germany, and Israel (again)
  17. I have studied French, Hebrew, Spanish and I have always wanted to learn American Sign Language (putting it out into the universe)!
  18. I buy stuff that makes me happy now, most recently kitchen hand soap from World Market because I liked the design on the bottle. It just made me happy.
  19. Writing is my #1 creative outlet, but I can color within the lines of an adult coloring book too.
  20. One of my love languages is words of affirmation – no duh. Words are very important to me.
  21. I continue to be in absolute awe of my best friends. They step up to help me before I even know I need help – emotionally and physically (like moving furniture across the state). These ladies are magical gems I find and make my life extra sparkly and amazing. Awe struck.
  22. I have a bad habit of writing in passive voice. I had the same problem in 9th grade English class and I’m still not entirely sure what it means.
  23. I write in my journal about 3-4 times a week.
  24. I usually write in cursive, my kids will not be able to read it and think it’s a secret code they cannot crack.
  25. I am not the best mom in the world, but I am the very best mom for my kids. I do not put any energy into mommy wars or mom guilt. I just don’t think about it because it doesn’t impact what I do in the here and now.
  26. I am extremely selective, but not an elitist snob.
  27. I am hyper-focused on finding the best of everything. This means the tastiest meal, the best deal and bargain, and the most delicious chocolate and desserts.
  28. Costco cake is DELICIOUS.
  29. Facebook only shows a miniscule segment of someone’s life and I’m so thankful I am ACTUALLY friends with people and I know what’s really going on in their lives instead of just what is posted on social media.
  30. From age 12-17 I was in over a dozen musicals, usually in the chorus.
  31. I really wanted to go to sleep away camp every summer.
  32. I am trying to relive my camping dreams as an adult now, but my children are not all outdoorsy (oh dear).
  33. I have camped in the Negev Desert (Israel) and it was AMAZING (also, no toilets).
  34. My first real job (aka tax-paying) was restaurant hostess. I learned a lot of life lessons there, and it was fun because I had the best managers ever.
  35. I met one of my best friends, who was also a hostess, we’re still besties nearly 20 years later (whoa, I’m old).
  36. The restaurant industry is crazy. You live hard and fast and I managed to avoid all the partying.
  37. Age is just a number and I have close friends who are younger than me and friends who are decades older. My friends and I see the world a similar way and connect on so many different levels, the calendar year we entered this life doesn’t matter.
  38. I always wanted 4 kids, but I am stopping at 3.
  39. My daughters are my favorite and most challenging part of my life. Nothing slaps you in the face with cold hard reality like raising a tiny version of yourself. I have new respect for my mom.
  40. Instead of getting upset with people over petty things (like bad driving) I always try to remember we’re all doing the best we can with the resources available to us in the moment.
  41. I can do eye make-up pretty well, but I don’t enjoy doing make-up. It feels like wasted time to me.
  42. I still don’t have a smartphone and the iTouch I used is dead, dead, dead. I don’t see a smartphone or another iTouch in my future.
  43. I prefer a heartfelt and meaningful conversation over chitchatting about the weather, what you did today, or what your plans are for the next day.
  44. I am a road warrior. I don’t blink an eye at packing up a kid to drive 7-8 hours one way. I outdid myself by taking all 3 kids across the state and back solo.
  45. I missing driving a stick car.
  46. My next car will hopefully be a fun SUV like Jeep Wrangler (the super boxy kind) and it will have a manual transmission!
  47. My 16 year dream car was either a Jeep Wrangler without a top or VW Cabriolet (remember those? It was like a convertible Jetta)
  48. I just realized I want a car without a top – convertible me!
  49. I covet pens that write smoothly. My favorite right now has purple ink. I prefer blue ink over black.
  50. I believe in karma and I have experienced it over and over again. The good energy I put into the universe has come back to me in many different ways. The key is having the right intention (aka a good heart).
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