7 things I have learned after having a stylist for a year

I have been working with my image consultant/stylist Traci for a year now. Here’s how it’s been going.

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A year later, here are 7 Things I have learned working with a stylist:


  1. I don’t want to shop alone and risk buying something which will become a garment orphan (ie. takes up space in my closet and never gets worn) – it’s not worth it
  2. If I dare shop without Traci, sticking to my power colors makes vetoing clothes SO much easier. It could fit great, but if it’s the wrong color – NOPE, not coming home with me
  3. Getting ready for work, or just putting a look together continues to be super easy in the morning
  4. Accessories make a difference, and it’s easy to freshen up an outfit by buying some new jewelry (it inexpensively renews my look)
  5. Get professionally fitted for a bra (you can do this in the intimates section of any major department store, or Victoria’s Secret in the mall).  Wearing the right size bra made me instantly go from frumpy and lumpy to polished and streamlined.  I thought I was a 34B and it turns out I’m a 36C!  My boobs are not what they used to be before kids (DUH), but the pregnancy hormone relaxin (NOT breastfeeding) is what makes everything loosy-goosy and saggy.  Relaxin helps loosen and widen your hips joints to make way for baby to come through (joy).  Turns out I still have plenty of boobs, I just need a good bra to get them where they used to be!  The right bra makes clothes fit how they should.  It makes a big difference.
  6. I want to wear a belt ALL. THE. TIME. While I am most self-conscious about my stomach, it’s also the most narrow part of my body so I want to accentuate this part of my figure (Yes, I know this makes no sense – I never said my mind makes sense).
  7. Instead of focusing on size, I feel good about focusing on the fit. If something is cut a little too tight and going up a size makes it lay better and it feels more comfortable – who cares? I look better, I feel better in the garment, and NO ONE sees the number on the tag. Also, I look slimmer when my clothes fit better.
Photo bombed by Esther (she's trying on my shoes). No belt? No problem - knotted the bottom of my shrug.
Photo bombed by Esther (she’s trying on my shoes). No belt? No problem – knotted the bottom of my shrug.

Working with a stylist/image consultant is not cheap, but the money I save in buying clothes, finding my personal style, and investing in my wardrobe is invaluable.  I am only buying clothes I know will be worn and work with so many other items in my closet!  I would not have been able to do this alone.  I love my stylist!


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2 thoughts on “7 things I have learned after having a stylist for a year”

  • Michelle – This is SO on-target! I love styling you and enjoy your energy so much.
    I will mention to those considering their budgets that over time when you add-up my costs with all the items a woman buys and either rarely or never wears including accessories & shoes – so much money is wasted – but with an educated stylist you shop less and own less but have more outfits. Think about all those bags of clothes you donated.

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