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I love how one baby looks scared, my oldest is barefoot, and another baby is wondering if she should even be in this photo.

I’m not even sure how to start this section. My first thought is to say I’m a mom, but I’m so much more than a mom too. Confused already? We’re off to an awesome start then!

Right now my life is consumed with a lot of “mama-themed” things because this is my Dickstein (5)reality with a toddler and identical twin baby girls. (Yes, there were really two in there! Clearly I’m still adjusting to the idea of being a mom of multiples.)

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Dickstein (13) I personally like to think I am running “Dickstein Enterprises” with my husband. I am the mama of three amazing girls (at one point, three under the age of three), but I also work full-time as a public health professional. I think being a stay at home mom is 1,000 times harder than going to work every morning. I know I need to work outside of the home to keep my sanity (stay at home moms get major respect from me).

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I love to plan delicious, nutritious, and cost-effective meals, find ways to save a few bucks to then indulge in really high quality and decadent chocolate  (Vosges is my favorite!), create different sewing projects (which may take literally years to complete), plan family vacations (hopefully an adults-only vacation one day in the not too distant future), look forward to visits with my girlfriends, and basically try to live the best life possible. I am livin’ the dream!

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In 2009, my husband’s job moved us from a suburb of Philadelphia to Northeast Ohio. Much to the dismay of my east coast friends and family, I fully enjoy being more country mouse than city mouse. Despite the long-distance, I remain incredibly close to my girlfriends. I have a tendency to write epically long (and sometimes rambling) emails to my girlfriends, and I credit this to my ability to stay in touch and be a strong and supportive presence in each other’s lives.

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I love being a helpful resource when a friend asks for my thoughts on a subject… it just so happens to be most questions are focused on parenthood right now. It’s the phase of life we are in. The three biggest parenting concerns for me are nutrition, sleep, and good behavior. I have read nearly 40 books on these subjects since having Esther, my oldest daughter, as well as countless scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals, editorials, and blogs. I like learning what the “experts” say and picking and choosing what I think would work for me. No one has all the answers, but why should I try to reinvent the wheel when someone else has helpful suggestions?

Dickstein (6)
There’s no denying these girls have big PERSONALITIES!

I feel like I have a good handle on things, but life is always changing and the girls are always growing into their own personalities. I know I am going to be thrown for a loop at some point, and the teenage years with three girls will be exciting and dramatic! I realize I am not the typical mama when I say I look forward to the challenges of raising teenage girls, but I like a challenge.

I feel like I am so much more than a mom because I consider myself knowledgeable about various healthy living topics. I have a lot of pearls to offer, and I have come to see much of what I babble on and on about is shared via email with my girlfriends. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be great to share this knowledge with others who may find themselves in similar situations? Over the years I have thought of a myriad of ideas to blog about and I finally realized there is a theme – it’s about being a good girlfriend. I have always said if I wasn’t me, I would want to be friends with me (in a non-cocky way, I swear. I just think I’m a fun time). Relating to others is something I am good at, so why not blog about it?

Thus, a blog is born! I don’t have the energy or desire to think of a clever blog name beyond the simple title “Emailing With My Girlfriends.” I’m sorry to disappoint, but I might as well provide a blanket apology for anything you disagree with. I’m sure there will be subjects and opinions you dislike. I am sorry for upsetting you. These are just my thoughts, and Pema Chödrön says “there’s no substance to your thoughts.” So there you have it.

Dickstein (26)
Living the simple life – who needs shirts?

I have always said I just want everyone to live their very best life. Personally, it’s something I am always working on, and I know I will always be a work in progress. Even so, I can share what I have learned and observed through my life experiences and write about what seems to work best for me. My musings could help others and avoid learning some lessons the hard way (like have your kid go potty before watching a movie on the couch because then I am basically asking her to pee-pee on my couch)… it makes me so happy to help others.

I want you to live at the epitome of your happiness quotient. If I can help you get there, awesome.


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