Breakfast fun for all!

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The time has arrived!  You can officially order breakfast ALL DAY at McDonald’s and I was there with my daughter to celebrate.  We went to the McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Pajama Party!

IMG_3835 IMG_3845It was a really festive time with balloons and face painting (marking Esther’s first face painting experience!), but the very best part of the night was the appearance by Ronald McDonald.

Ronald, Esther and Michelle

I have personally never met Ronald McDonald, but he is AWESOME.  The kids were literally all cheering for him and he did not disappoint one bit.  My daughter was mesmerized, and while she did suction cup-style cling to my leg, we took a photo with the clown of the hour and he could not have been more delightful and gracious to my extremely shy little girl.

It was really fun to see everyone enjoying the festivities and folks (young and young at heart) run around in their pajamas!

How do I know the night was a success? On the way home Esther kept asking if we could go back another time.  I think she thought the party just keeps going on forever, and in a sense it sort of does!  McDonald’s is always a fun treat and I’m so happy we were able to celebrate their new all day breakfast menu together!

Esther and Michelle IMG_3838


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This blog contains sponsored content.

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