Car Seat lingo – I have “three across,” and here are the car seats I use

Recently a friend asked if I have blogged about my car seats. I have blogged about all the baby gear I used with my oldest (a singleton) and my favorite baby gear for twins, but never the car seats (it just doesn’t get me jazzed).  I have a friend who is OBSESSED with car seat safety and she always refers to “The Car Seat” lady blog.

When I learned I was pregnant with twins, I used The Car Seat lady blog to find the narrowest car seats on the market to accommodate the twins once they outgrew the Chicco Keyfit 30.  At birth, we had two Chicco Keyfits for the twins and Esther was in a newly purchased Diono Radian.

Two infant carriers, fairly lightweight (compared to the mammoth Diono) and super portable. A picture from a simpler time.

Once the twins outgrew their infant carriers, we bought a second Diono and moved Esther into a new car seat.  Presently, the Diono Radian is what we use for the twins (still rear-facing) and Esther is in the IMMI GO (forward facing) because it’s the narrowest seat on the market for her.

The IMMI GO is marketed towards city parents who need to put a seat into a taxi or something quick, but we needed the narrowest forward facing seat to work with three across in one row (fun times)!  My car does have a third row (I’m not rocking a minivan though – I tried it on vacation and it doesn’t work for my family), but it’s easier to just keep them altogether in the second row.

Life right now: 1 forward-facing, 2 rear-facing and everyone is equipped with loveys and a bag o’ waffles.

Diono Radian:

Pros: My only criteria was super narrow and machine-washable padding in case of puke, pee or poop (not always a given with car seats).  This fits the bill and it will last FOREVER.  I think the girls could be entering middle school by the time they outgrow the height and weight on this bad boy!  It is rear facing 5 to 45 pounds and forward facing 20-80 pounds (up to 57″) in 5-point harness. The booster goes to 120 pounds.  It’s narrow and feels super safe to me.

Cons: Heavy like a mofo.  It’s bulky and awkward.  It can fold in half, but it’s still super difficult to carry around.  It’s not a simple “in and out” kind of installation.  We had to take it to AAA and they needed to refer to the manual for installation.  I have since taken it to the children’s hospital car seat experts and they are familiar with it and got it in super-fast.  Still, it’s not a very common car seat because it’s pretty pricey and not the first one I would pick from all the choices out there.  I’ve put it in and out of cars so many times now, I feel like a Diono installation expert myself.


Pros: Narrow and material is easy to wipe down (it’s fake leather).  Esther gets car sick, so being able to use a baby wipe on the fly is awesome.  It’s incredibly lightweight and very easy to travel with (makes sense for the market they are targeting).

Cons: Honestly, I have none.  It’s a great seat.

Comparing the bulk and weight of the Diono next to the IMMI GO is like night and day, but they both serve their purpose very well and suit our needs perfectly.

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