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Are you thinking about having another baby? How old is your last baby? I'm asking with good reason because there are health risks to having babies too close together.
In this post, a guest writer (and my best friend) share what it was like preparing for baby #2.
Being a young parent means a lot of social niceties go out the window, I find myself often talking about poop.
Whether you're having multiples or one baby, here's some of the baby gear I swear by.
I would love to say I’m truly a minimalist mama, but putting this list together made me realize I had a lot of stuff I really needed. Here is my list of tried and true twin baby gear I could not have lived without.
I'm done breastfeeding my babies, so this is what I think about breastfeeding now.
I was on my way to the hospital, apparently in labor and it was totally uneventful. Things REALLY picked up! Here is Part 2 of my twin birth story.
In 2013, I became a patient at Akron Children’s Hospital. Saying I was a patient sounds confusing because it’s a pediatric hospital and I am an adult. I never thought I could be a patient as an adult, but as a woman pregnant with twins (ie. a high risk pregnancy) it was the absolute best place for me to be. Here’s my patient, pregnancy and delivery experience. Here is Part 1.
In response to my post on "Breastfeeding or formula-feeding, why do we care?!" Guest writer, Emily Gelman, has a very different experience breastfeeding - she does not like it. She is begrudgingly breastfeeding, so I asked Emily to share her thoughts.
There are always opinion articles or publications (pseudo-science with questionable funding sources which introduces bias in the findings) praising or bashing breastfeeding. WHAT. THE. HECK. Are we really arguing about this? What’s the point?

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