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Body satisfaction - how are we doing?
Just checking in with you on my weight loss journey.
As a parent, there is a lot you can worry about. My biggest fear is giving my kids the same negative body issues I experienced when I was younger.
Confession: I've gained weight. I'm not going to crash diet or even obsess and stress, but I do want to feel better in my skin and clothes. Here's what I plan to do.
Having kids means I basically have a mirror put in front of my face just about every minute I am in their presence. This truly forces me to accept (and even love) my body... even with a post-twin pregnancy tummy.
If you don't have time to read all 4 parts of this series, here is a snapshot of some of the key lessons I learned about intuitive eating. I am happy to report I finally broke free of the dieter's mentality and still manage to fit into my clothing! It's a happy place to be.
I once heard excess weight is not about what you are eating but what’s eating you. To become an intuitive eater, I must first acknowledge the fact I cope with feeling bored or anxious by eating. I had to find ways to cope with these feelings in a different way than heading toward the kitchen. Truly, my hope is my daughters will sidestep the diet/weight trap I feel every woman gets tripped up with at some point. Read on to learn more.
Last week you learned about my personal history with food, eating and weight. I must say, I am humbled and grateful for the feedback I have received. I am not alone in the journey to find peace within myself and finally put an end to the internal war to achieve and maintain the “perfect” weight. There is no such thing. So, moving on… here is part 2 in this 4 part series.
Weight is a very personal subject to me. Honestly, I have anxiety and reservations about writing this, but I feel like publishing this is the right thing to do in order to stay true to the mission of this blog... Hopefully someone will learn from my experience.

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