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I recently had to explain death to my 4 year old. We lost a dear friend, then my best friend lost her baby during pregnancy. There was a lot of sadness, but I didn't want to ignore the topic and make it scary or taboo for my daughter. Death is a part of life, but it's not easy.
My best friend was pregnant, and now she's not. It's one of the most tragic losses to experience after trying for years to hear you are pregnant.
Why does becoming a mom mean you lose all your friendships? I think this is a cop out.
Top 10 things to make a great play date... and it's not about the kids.
How do we avoid raising daughters who are mean girls? My answer: don't be a mean girl yourself.
I left my family for 24 hours and this is what happened.
I'm quitting Facebook. Here's my reason why.
Mommy mentors pave the way for me. Who are they? What can I learn from a mentor?
In a lot of ways, my 4 year old knows more about life than I do. Here's just one lesson she has taught me.
How do I know who I can trust? I've learned over the years...

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