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Following your dreams when those closest to you doubt you is really hard. Here is a guest post from one of my besties who followed her passion, despite being told she couldn't or shouldn't do it.
My best friend left her successful corporate career to become her own boss and do something she loves. Seven years later, she's a successful small business owner. This is how she did it.
Get your stylist and image consultant questions answered straight from the source. My image consultant Traci speaks the truth and answers your questions.
Terrorist attacks, hate crimes, prejudice and racism are not fun things to think about, but it's something we have to address. My best friend said it best.
Preventing my kids from getting hit by a car is a serious concern of mine, and I know it worries a lot of parents. You can't keep them inside all the time, so what do you do? Start teaching traffic safety at the earliest age possible!
In this post, a guest writer (and my best friend) share what it was like preparing for baby #2.
In response to recent events in Paris, we are all looking for goodness in the world. I discussed a viral video with one of my best friends and she graciously offered to write another guest piece about finding magic moments with your kids.
In response to my post on "Breastfeeding or formula-feeding, why do we care?!" Guest writer, Emily Gelman, has a very different experience breastfeeding - she does not like it. She is begrudgingly breastfeeding, so I asked Emily to share her thoughts.
Friendship is a two-way street. To learn more, give a warm welcome to my first guest writer and one of my very best girlfriends, Sónia Scott. She is awesome.

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