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Do you do what you want instead of what you feel obligated to do? If so, then you have "pulled a Michelle." When you feel tugged to do something you really do not want to, pull a Michelle!
It's a 2-parter! The concept of finding more time requires more than 1 blog post.
How do we avoid raising daughters who are mean girls? My answer: don't be a mean girl yourself.
This is why meditating has made me a better mom.
Did I ever tell you about the time I almost lost my mind?
“Wow, my toddler is SO even-tempered and obedient!” said NO PARENT EVER. You usually hear, “Wow, my kid NEVER listens to me.” I try to soften this by saying I have a strong-willed toddler. So what's a mama to do?
Confession: I've gained weight. I'm not going to crash diet or even obsess and stress, but I do want to feel better in my skin and clothes. Here's what I plan to do.
In a lot of ways, my 4 year old knows more about life than I do. Here's just one lesson she has taught me.
The people I admire most, and find the most fascinating are those who have experienced hard knocks in life and do not let the yucky stuff keep them down. Their tragedy is not their story.
After having your first baby, I think a lot of parents forget every baby is different and what worked for #1 may not work for kids #2 or #3. It’s important to remember every kid is different and needs to be parented in their own way.

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