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My oldest starts kindergarten this fall and I feel like I'm starting all over again too. I'm not sure I know what I'm doing either.
I do not give my kids a bath unless absolutely necessary. Turns out, it's helping them stay healthy!
I asked my mom friends to anonymously submit their mommy confessions. These are great and it reminds me of how no one is perfect!
I'm kvelling because I'm! This is an AMAZING parenting blog and I'm so pumped to be a part of it!
It's a 2-parter! The concept of finding more time requires more than 1 blog post.
Finding time is really challenging. Here is what I do to find balance and carve out time for myself and friends too!
The world I am living in now feels a lot scarier than when I was a kid. I'm not sure how to encourage my daughters' Jewish identity, but still be safe.
Traveling with young kids doesn't have to be horrendous. Here are tips from my besties; they are genius!
This is what it was REALLY like being pregnant with twins. It's not a cake walk!
I have blogged about my experience with my twin daughters’ developmental delays (in two areas – walking being the main reason they were tested).  They qualified for Early Intervention without question.  At the time, I was feeling a ton of anxiety and guilt about the situation.  I blamed myself and worried about when they will …

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