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When I discovered I was pregnant with twins, we crunched the numbers and quickly realized enrolling all three kids in full-time to day care would be financially impossible. What to do? The nanny search was underway!
People are often surprised to hear I had three babies under the age of three and I went back to working full-time. As the mother of three small children, I would like to elaborate on my choice to continue to work outside of the home.
I have three young children, a toddler and twin baby girls who all sleep 10-12 hours straight through the night. They each also take a 2-3 hour nap during the day. I am living proof your child CAN sleep, even when her twin sister is screaming in the crib next to her, less than two feet away. Sleep deprivation is a cruel form of torture new parents experience. Get your sanity back by giving your baby the gift of sleeping through the night. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
Being successful at anything, especially breastfeeding, is all about attitude, support, and setting realistic expectations.
Committing to exclusive breastfeeding meant I signed up to having my baby (or babies) with me or within approximately 20 feet of me every hour of the day at first. It takes about 3-5 weeks to establish your milk supply and the best way to do this is nurse your baby every time they are hungry or even just a little hungry or fussy, even if they just nursed 10 minutes ago. You are literally within his/her physical presence ALL THE TIME. Being the main source of food for another person is a lot of work, but breastfeeding is what I wanted to do and I would not have it any other way.
This may come as a surprise, but I was not really interested in breastfeeding before I had my oldest daughter. I did not want to have a baby hanging off of me. I was not breastfed as a baby, I did not have breastfeeding role models growing up, it just seemed foreign, unnecessary, and plain weird. It was my husband who encouraged me to just give it a shot. He knows better than to tell me what to do, so his gentle suggestion was just the right nudge I needed.

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