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My marriage is not in jeopardy, but I need to explain grandparent divorce to my kids. Where's the children's section on grandparent divorce in the local library?
I have three across, this is shorthand cool car seat lingo (for moms in the know). This means I have three kiddos in car seats all in one row. My biceps are buff from lifting one of my nuggets into the middle seat all the time.
I recently had to explain death to my 4 year old. We lost a dear friend, then my best friend lost her baby during pregnancy. There was a lot of sadness, but I didn't want to ignore the topic and make it scary or taboo for my daughter. Death is a part of life, but it's not easy.
I was invited to be a guest on TV. Crazy-pants! It was a super experience, this is what it was like.
Are you thinking about having another baby? How old is your last baby? I'm asking with good reason because there are health risks to having babies too close together.
My best friend was pregnant, and now she's not. It's one of the most tragic losses to experience after trying for years to hear you are pregnant.
I don't know what it means to be a "good mom" while vacationing in Disney, but I think I know how to be a "bad mom" in Disney.
We took our first family trip to Disney and live to tell the tale! This is what we experienced with our three little princesses.
I've always wanted 4 kids. I have 3 (thanks to twins) and I'm so close to #4, even though my husband only ever wanted 2! What to do?
I am Jewish, and I recently participate in a community Jewish Leadership program. But why do I want to be a leader in my community?

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