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This is why the prospect of three teenage daughters does not scare me.
Here are 15 more ways I'm a bad mom.
Big sis went on a solo trip and I was home with her little sisters, the twins. I don't have much experience taking care of two kids. Here is what I learned.
I cannot control everything in my kids' world, as much as I would like to. It's a hard lesson to learn!
Toddlers ask "Why?" nonstop, but for a good reason. It's can still be super annoying though.
Giving your baby a name is a big deal. Here's how we picked our girls' names.
Mommy mentors pave the way for me. Who are they? What can I learn from a mentor?
Is it OK to let your "big" kids parent the younger ones? Is it wrong? Does this make me a bad parent?
I have three little kids, I work full-time outside of the home and I still need me time. I am a selfish mom.
Post-partum depression and anxiety is not something you can "just get over." It's a real medical condition we need to talk about.

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