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Is it OK to let your "big" kids parent the younger ones? Is it wrong? Does this make me a bad parent?
After having your first baby, I think a lot of parents forget every baby is different and what worked for #1 may not work for kids #2 or #3. It’s important to remember every kid is different and needs to be parented in their own way.
I am trying to be a more mindful parent, here's how it's been going when handling my daughter's tantrums/meltdowns.
I was losing patience, feeling drained and exhausted dealing with my 4 year old. Something had to change... I had a parenting wake-up call.
I admit I took to motherhood like a duck to water (even with twins), but the witching hour is when my darling angels are most prone to losing their minds over NOTHING. This is where I struggle.
This is how I handle not providing educational-opportunities-every-minute-of-the-day Mom Guilt.
Being in public amongst a sea of strangers with a kid in the middle of a tantrum does not faze me one bit, but being around moms I know makes me self-conscious. What’s the deal? My mama gut suddenly goes radio silent and I can feel beads of sweat begin to form. This is what happened the time I didn’t follow my mama gut.
In response to recent events in Paris, we are all looking for goodness in the world. I discussed a viral video with one of my best friends and she graciously offered to write another guest piece about finding magic moments with your kids.
My husband and I are both Jewish and neither one of us grew up celebrating Christmas. This is the first year my three-year old daughter understands holidays and she has heard of Christmas and I can see she wants in. My husband and I have explained we don’t celebrate Christmas because we’re Jewish and it’s not our holiday. She seems to be all right with this. Still, a part of me is waiting for the moment it really sinks in.
I do not tell my girls they must give me or anyone (relatives included) a hug or kiss when they do not want to. They are in charge of their own bodies, and they can decide who they want to hug and/or kiss and when. Forced affection is NOT okay!

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