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I recently had to explain death to my 4 year old. We lost a dear friend, then my best friend lost her baby during pregnancy. There was a lot of sadness, but I didn't want to ignore the topic and make it scary or taboo for my daughter. Death is a part of life, but it's not easy.
Here's what I have gained and lost since becoming a mother.
I'm done breastfeeding my babies, so this is what I think about breastfeeding now.
Having kids means I basically have a mirror put in front of my face just about every minute I am in their presence. This truly forces me to accept (and even love) my body... even with a post-twin pregnancy tummy.
How I told my 4 year old about where babies come from.
Feeling closer to one baby or another at first is not a good or bad thing; it's just what it is. I will fully admit I bonded with my oldest daughter (a singleton) a lot earlier than I did with my twin daughters.
I was on my way to the hospital, apparently in labor and it was totally uneventful. Things REALLY picked up! Here is Part 2 of my twin birth story.
In 2013, I became a patient at Akron Children’s Hospital. Saying I was a patient sounds confusing because it’s a pediatric hospital and I am an adult. I never thought I could be a patient as an adult, but as a woman pregnant with twins (ie. a high risk pregnancy) it was the absolute best place for me to be. Here’s my patient, pregnancy and delivery experience. Here is Part 1.
There are always opinion articles or publications (pseudo-science with questionable funding sources which introduces bias in the findings) praising or bashing breastfeeding. WHAT. THE. HECK. Are we really arguing about this? What’s the point?
I hate to admit it, but I lowered myself to “high school Michelle” and found myself in a conversation with someone I met for the first time and I was actively one-upping her.  I am embarrassed, but I must to let it out. The scene: A family BBQ at a friend’s house. I meet their …

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