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I found “the one” over a decade ago and life has definitely thrown us curve balls. Through it all, I have remained sure in the fact I married the right person for me. Here’s why.
I am a feminist, and I have been since birth.
Will I ever feel like I'm not the insecure girl who wanted a boyfriend in high school?
Take time to date your partner, even though you're married with kids.
Here's what I have gained and lost since becoming a mother.
I never dreamed about my wedding, I dreamed about a marriage. Here are all the reasons I wanted to elope (and kind of did).
I have three little kids, I work full-time outside of the home and I still need me time. I am a selfish mom.
How do I know who I can trust? I've learned over the years...
The people I admire most, and find the most fascinating are those who have experienced hard knocks in life and do not let the yucky stuff keep them down. Their tragedy is not their story.
It's important for me to spend quality solo time with each of my girls. The best way for me to do this is with solo weekend trips.

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