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This is what it was REALLY like being pregnant with twins. It's not a cake walk!
I have three across, this is shorthand cool car seat lingo (for moms in the know). This means I have three kiddos in car seats all in one row. My biceps are buff from lifting one of my nuggets into the middle seat all the time.
Here's what I have gained and lost since becoming a mother.
It's important for me to spend quality solo time with each of my girls. The best way for me to do this is with solo weekend trips.
Travelling with three toddler-aged children sounds incredibly scary, but I live to tell the tale. Here are my top tips for survival!
Whether you're having multiples or one baby, here's some of the baby gear I swear by.
I would love to say I’m truly a minimalist mama, but putting this list together made me realize I had a lot of stuff I really needed. Here is my list of tried and true twin baby gear I could not have lived without.
People are fascinated by identical twins, and I get it. I am asked a lot of questions by well-meaning folks, but I just don't know how to answer how they are different.
Having kids means I basically have a mirror put in front of my face just about every minute I am in their presence. This truly forces me to accept (and even love) my body... even with a post-twin pregnancy tummy.
When my twins were not hitting their developmental milestones, I knew I needed to reach out for help.

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