Celebrating Hanukkah in a world of Christmas dazzle

What you’ll see in my house come Hanukkah.

My husband and I are both Jewish, so we celebrate Hanukkah and neither one of us grew up celebrating Christmas.  This is the first year my three-year old daughter understands holidays and she has heard of Christmas and I can see she wants in. My husband and I have explained we don’t celebrate Christmas because we’re Jewish and it’s not our holiday.  Hanukkah is the festival of lights!  She seems to be all right with this. Still, a part of me is waiting for the moment it really sinks in; we don’t get a Christmas tree to decorate while beautiful music plays in the background. How do I comfort my little girl when she asks why Santa is not coming to our house too?   Find out what I plan to do at my latest post on Northeast Ohio Parent online.

READ: Celebrating Hanukkah in a world of Christmas dazzle


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