A girl and her coat: A story of perseverance

This is the story of a girl who found a coat online at ModCloth.com, but it was out of stock. This is also a story about perseverance and finding a different way to make things happen and get my coat!

When someone said something couldn’t be done, I heard, “Find another way” instead of “Not possible.”

The journey to get “my precious” coat

I saw the coat online (recommended by my amazing stylist). I took a few days to decide if I really wanted the coat and when I did, it was out of stock!  I felt incredibly sad.  I was bummed I didn’t move quickly enough to purchase the coat.  I messaged ModCloth to ask if they would get any more in.  Answer: No.

Normally, this is where the story ends, but I couldn’t get this coat (aka my precious) out of my head!

I love the retro style fabric.  It reminded me of my 80’s childhood and who doesn’t want to feel like a kid again?  The blue and red are my “power colors” and stars are just fun.  Winters in Ohio often see single digit temps, so this coat would not only style me, but make me really warm.  Hence, I really wanted it.

The coat is manufactured in Germany by, a company I cannot pronounce, Blutsgeschwister (try saying it five times fast). I found their website, saw the coat was being sold on their website.  Therefore, I emailed Blutsgeschwister customer service directly to ask if they would be willing to help out a girl who fell in love with a coat.  Could they ship it to me in the Ohio?

The email back from Blutsgeschwister customer service:

Dear Michelle,
Thank you very much for your E-Mail. Unfortunately we only deliver to our customers in Germany and some other European countries at the moment and there`s no possibility to handle this for you. We are very sorry for that!
If you have any questions, please don`t hesitate to contact us. 🙂
Lovely greetings,

I really appreciated Kathrin’s lovely greetings, but it wasn’t helping me.

They only deliver to Europe? Which countries and who do I know in those European countries? 

I needed to get very creative and reach out to my network of friends. I thought about who has European connections and one of my friends has an aunt who lives in Switzerland!  Yes!  Dangit, they don’t ship to Switzerland.

They ship to France though (ever the Francophile, France comes to my rescue). Now follow me on this relational journey – one of my best friends has a step-dad whose brother lives in France.  So my best friend’s step-uncle could be my coat conduit!  I asked her for this crazy favor, could she reach out to him?  She said of course (because my friends are amazeballs) and he was a GO!

Next step, purchasing the coat online internationally and getting it shipped to my friend’s step-uncle in France.

As a precaution, I called my credit card company to give the head’s up, there’s a German charge coming today for about $150 (I don’t know the exact Euro to American dollar exchange) and it’s OK, don’t decline the charge!

I struggled getting the purchase made online because addresses are formatted differently in Europe and the billing address (Ohio, USA) is very different from the shipping address in France. Grrrr, I am SO close!

Thankfully Blutsgeschwister offers PayPal and it went through! WOO HOO!

Step one, coat purchased and sent to France. Now, I need to get the coat to the USA.

Who ships France to USA? As luck would have it, my bestie’s whole family, including her step-dad, were taking a trip to Ireland the next month.  Her step-uncle in France was going to meet them in Ireland for a visit too.  After all, he’s going to hand deliver the coat to her in Ireland and she’ll bring it back to Philly in her luggage!

Four days off of work means a road trip for me and my ladies – we’re picking up the coat!

A week after my bestie returned from Ireland, my hubby was away on business and our nanny needed Monday off, so I was a solo-mama for four days. I saw this as an opportunity to plan an impromptu road trip to the east coast where I can pick up my precious AND spend quality time with friends and family.  Win-win!  A happy ending for all!

Lessons learned on my journey to acquire my precious:

  1. Be decisive! If I jumped on it earlier, I could have made the purchase on ModCloth.com without this international adventure.

  2. When you want something, go for it full throttle. Something in me said I MUST have this coat and I was not going to stop until I found a way.

  3. Think outside of the box. Just because it was out of stock in the US and the German company wouldn’t ship to the US doesn’t mean it wasn’t going to happen. I had to get creative and think outside of the box with what I knew was possible. They ship to certain countries in Europe, OK, where in Europe? How do I make a connection to one of those countries?

  4. “No” just means “Find another way.”  This coat has travelled from Germany to France, France to Ireland, Ireland to Philadephia and Philly to Ohio.  If it had a passport, there would be many cool stamps.  If some people keep telling you no, keep asking other people until you find someone who says yes to working with you to achieve your goal!

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1 thought on “A girl and her coat: A story of perseverance”

  • Michelle – OMG. Love this! You are crazy! I had so much fun reading this. I think it was the challenge of solving a problem as it was the actual coat! I can’t wait to see you in your coat.

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