How do you find the time?

I feel like I get the “How do you find the time?” question a lot. This is a spin on “How do you do it all?”

For me, I think it’s a combination of not having a smartphone, personal Facebook account, and not having basic cable or any TV service. I could easily spend all night texting, looking at Facebook, playing with apps on a phone and watching my favorite reality TV shows on DVR (Real Housewives, Sister Wives, The Bachelor or Bachelorette… I love you so). But then I ask myself, why am I so fascinated with being a voyeur in others’ lives instead of living my own life?

These are my guilty pleasures, but I know these things are all major time sucks for me. I love them, but I want to be able to use my time wisely and prioritize what gives me the most “bang” for my “time buck.”

Quality time in the kitchen
Quality time in the kitchen
Esther helps bake hamantaschen cookies. This was her special request after learning about the Jewish holiday of Purim at Sunday School earlier in the day.

For example, I feel the most alive in my kitchen preparing delicious and nutritious food for my family. Esther associates Mama with cooking and baking in the kitchen and Daddy (Josh) is associated with playing in the family room (most recently reenacting Cinderella with her two teddy bears – note, the glass slipper does not fit Mama’s foot and it’s hilarious). I am OK with being associated with the kitchen because Esther now has the wherewithal to see something enticing she wants to eat from a book, points and asks, “Mama, I want to eat it. Can we make it together?” She asks this with a sparkle in her eye because she knows if I can find a recipe (which is always possible thanks to Food Network online and, my answer is a resounding yes and we have our special time together mixing, pouring, stirring and sampling delicious treats.

My little Queen Esther enjoys the fruits of her labor
My little Queen Esther enjoys the fruits of her labor

But I digress, as it is, I can easily spend all night working on a single blog post, so I even try to limit this to one or two nights a week because it’s a huge time commitment (for the quality of post I want to achieve).

I think the hardest part is committing to unplug, so I don’t tempt myself with a fancy phone. I have been due for a cell phone upgrade since 2011, but I still have my flip phone and block text messaging because I want to hear someone’s tone of voice at the other end of the line.

An iPad would be a gateway drug for me, I would end up getting an iPhone, try to access this mysterious cloud I hear about and ultimately become 24/7-cyber-Chelle.

Call me old-fashioned or a technology laggard, but it’s about quality of life for me. I abstain from too much technology because I know I will fall down the rabbit hole and it will be all the harder to crawl out and return to a simpler existence. Being uber-connected sounds good, but I know at the end of the day my eyes will be bleary, I’ll need a higher prescription for my reading glasses, and I will wonder “Where did the time go?” instead of getting asked “How do you find the time?”


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