I do not bathe my kids often

I do not bathe my kids often

There is scientific evidence, dirt is good for your kids’ immune system.  This is more reason to keep bath time at a minimum in my house!

I am outing myself. I bathe my kids at best once a week.

I can’t hang my hat on this alone, but my kids have been ear infection and antibiotic free from birth.  All right, I think breastfeeding has a lot to do with their health because breast milk provides passive immunity to help them fight any bugs, but now I can add good ol’ dirt to my list of reasons why my kids are healthy (you’ll never see me using wipes or dishing out tons of hand sanitizer in public either… you’ll find my kids eating off the floor first).

Parents may think it’s weird not to have bath time as a part of their bedtime routine.  I am not winning mom of the year, nor am I trying.

Reasons why I don’t bathe my kids more than absolutely necessary:

1) I’m too lazy.
2) My kids are not dirty enough each night.
3) My kids don’t smell bad.
4) I am a minimalist mama. I am not trying to create more work for myself.
5) Bath time is a production with three curly-headed girls. There’s fighting over toys and no one wants water poured on their head to rinse the shampoo.
6) Baby skin has natural moisturizers in it, I don’t need to strip them of it in the tub to only replenish with baby lotion. I’m saving money and time here!
7) My kids are not fans of dirt or mud, so they are not dirty unless they accidentally fall into dirt/mud.

How we determine a bath is needed:

1) Our girls’ hair is dirty enough it’s pretty hard to comb through (even with de-tangler and leave-in spray conditioner).
2) We can see food or paint in their hair and marker on their bodies.
3) I cannot remember the last time we bathed them (this is usually the main reason to give them a tubby).

Overall, reducing the number of baths is just simplifying life.  We use way less product on their skin and hair, and they are exposed to the world the way they should be.  We can also say we’re helping the environment, but let’s be real, I’m just too darn lazy.

A lot of the time we skip tubbies because we lost track of time and it’s too close to bedtime to get a bath started (it’s an hour long production because the girls love to play in the water).  So many a night you’ll hear, “Tubbies tomorrow!” in my home.  To each his own.

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