I’m kvelling. I’m on Kveller.com!

I am so excited to share I am a contributing writer on Kveller.com!

Kveller.com is the only blog I read daily.  I have crazy respect for it, and it’s a blog I have hoped to become a part of ever since I started this blog over 2 years ago!

Kveller is a wonderful Jewish parenting blog (but you don’t need to be Jewish to relate).  I don’t follow the news (too depressing), but I get highlights and commentary from the bloggers on Kveller.  I appreciate Kveller for keeping me up on current affairs and getting to take a peek over the cyber fence to see what other Jewish moms are doing!

Fun fact: Mayim Bialik, the star of Blossom and Big Bang Theory blogs on Kveller too!  Super cool.

You can read my first Kveller blog here:

I’m a Jewish Buddhist: Here’s How I’m Raising My Daughters

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