It’s Time for Girl Scout Cookies!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Yes, the holidays are over, but it’s Girl Scout Cookie time!!  If you love Thin Mints as much as I do (who knew they were Vegan?), you’ve been waiting for this.  And now the time is finally here.

Hooray for delicious Girl Scout Cookies!

I attended my first-ever Girl Scout Cookie Rally with my favorite future Girl Scout (my oldest daughter is just a little too young to join).  I saw Girl Scouts of all ages and everyone was there to be helpful and work towards the common goal of kicking off cookie season with a great rally.  We enjoyed seeing the “big girls” host their own crafts and activities tables, but the cookie sampling and dress-up booth were definitely my daughter’s favorite parts (what 4 year old doesn’t love playing dress-up and eating a whole plate of cookies?).

Esther enjoying her plate o’ Girl Scout Cookies

I was personally touched by the level of confidence and savvy each Girl Scout and adult volunteer exhibited. They all possessed qualities I would like to see my daughters’ possess too.  They knew their stuff and they were happy to engage with me and my little one, which I really appreciate.  It just further emphasizes my excitement for my girls to join the Girl Scouts.

While I look forward to the day my daughters join the Girl Scouts, I learned cookie season is so much more than I ever thought it was.  I had no idea the Girl Scout Cookie program is “the largest, most successful girl-led business in the world, and one that is a key element of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.”

It’s a common misnomer to think the Girl Scouts are swimming in tons of cookie money (like Scrooge McDuck and his swimming pool of gold coins, except replace the gold coins with Samoas and Do-si-dos).  Scrooge McDuckThe vast majority of staff is volunteer-based (about 14,000 adult volunteers!) and the cookie sales money goes directly to the troops.  They earned it!  I was blown away to learn each Girl Scout Troop is basically mini-business, run by the girls.  Everyone’s voice is heard, like a board of directors, and together they set a goal for the year.  To me, this is like setting a business goal, but with a very cool reward in the end, like an awesome trip or sleepover at the zoo.  The girls choose what they want to achieve and spend their cookie sales money on for the year.  They work hard to achieve these goals together.  This is business plan meets team work meets delicious cookies – what’s not to like?!

It’s true you can order cookies online, BUT, it’s because a Girl Scout created a website to create an online business. You’re still supporting a local troop and buying from an individual girl.  The Girl Scout is gaining new computer skills by selling through her own personalized cookie website.  It’s pretty cool.

Cookies cost only $4 per package (which is a great price based on my grocery shopping experience) and the benefits to the girls go above and beyond the joy of reaching their goals.

The Girl Scout Cookie program emphasizes five important life skills:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Decision making
  3. Money management
  4. People skills
  5. Business ethics

When chatting with my friends, colleagues, or basically any peer, we often joke about needing a school to teach us the stuff we didn’t learn in school – like how to handle money. As a young adult I could do complicated algebra problems, but if you asked me how to develop a budget, I would go cross-eyed.  The Girl Scouts and the Girl Scouts Cookie program are great ways to introduce my girls to the skills they will need to be successful in life, and I’m so excited to see them get started (and personally benefit by having close proximity to Thin Mints)!

Also, since I’m a super savvy spender, Girl Scouts is a great value! Membership starts at just $15 with additional program fees for activities your girl attends. (However, they never want fees to be a barrier, so you can definitely ask about financial assistance.)  This means for about $20 my daughter will get an amazing Girl Scout Experience and I get my delicious box of Thin Mints – win-win all around!

It’s never too late to join! Go to to find a troop today!

This pinwheel craft brought lots of smiles

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