My House is Under Siege By Two Tiny Terrors and It’s My Fault

My House is Under Siege By Two Tiny Terrors and It’s My Fault

My twins are 3 years old tiny terrors. My oldest is 5 years old and each daughter has a distinct personality, even the identical twins.  I cannot even begin to untangle all the dynamics at play daily, but I see the sisterly bonds they have forged and this makes me smile… until they break stuff in my house!

My oldest child loves all things beautiful and she is protective. She carefully wraps her toys in blankets and gingerly tucks them away into corners of her closet for “safekeeping.”  Every time she sees me eating meat she tells me she does not want me to eat any animals except fish and crocodiles because the other animals are too cute to kill for consumption.

She is a delicate little lady who wouldn’t hurt a flower, and my two subsequent children, the twins, are inventive tiny terrors.

Here is a list of things they have destroyed to date (the list grows nearly daily):

  1. Put a gash in their bedroom wall trying to screw in a post on their big girl canopy bed (my old childhood bed)
  2. Piled their old crib mattresses on top of one another and climbed up to reach their dad’s hand-blown glass art and snapped it into tiny pieces (at least no one was hurt)
  3. Brought a stool into the basement to climb onto the pool table and chucked billiard balls off it
  4. Carried pumpkins upstairs to their bedroom, stood on their beds and just dropped the pumpkins onto the ground, repeatedly
  5. Tore down decals in big sister’s room, more than once
  6. Broke blinds in the dining room
  7. Crayoned the linoleum floor
  8. Books, photo albums, any type of paper is fair game for being torn into tiny pieces or cut with scissors
  9. Shattered my beautiful Ikea bedside lamp (no more great ambiance lighting to help me relax into sleepy time while I read in bed– again glad no one was hurt, but COME ON)

This is just a small smattering of what I can remember. I am actually blogging this to help me remember all of this years from now because I still have a serious case of twin mama brain.

My hubby and I joke one of the girls (we think we know which one) gets a “brilliant” idea, and the other goes along with it. Picture this:

Twin 1 says conspiratorially – “Hey sister, let’s bring these pumpkins upstairs and drop them onto the floor from our beds.”

Twin 2 responds affably with a mixture of excitement and innocence – “Yes! Excellent idea!  Let’s do it!”

Imagine Pinky and the Brain as two adorable blonde curly headed cherubs (their cuteness keeps them safe).

This is not a discipline issue. Trust me, my husband and I throw out time outs and serve up consequences like it’s going out of style.  This is just who they are.  This stark difference between the twins and big sister reminds me of how every kid is different

Then over the weekend I had an A-HA moment when my childhood memories came flooding back to me in a great whoosh(imagine the food critic at the end of Ratatouille remembering eating his mother’s comfort food).

My realization: Oh sh*t I broke A LOT of stuff with my best friend when I was little.

I suddenly remembered all the stuff we broke in our respective houses and how much trouble we got into. Then, I remembered how when we started playing together it was always such a good time, but then we took it just a little too far.  It was always in good innocent fun, we were not trying to be malicious, yet we were destroyers just like my own tiny terrors now!

Thankfully, my best friend and I never seriously injured ourselves or anyone else, so at least the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree in this sense too. My destructive ways curbed as a teen.  So, I guess I have another 10-13 years of coming home and asking “What got broken today?”  At least I hope so.

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