Okay, Facebook has some virtue. 6 Things I like about Facebook

Okay, Facebook has some virtue.  6 Things I like about Facebook

I have been pretty vocal about my dislike of Facebook.  I know Facebook is a necessary form of communication for many.  Still, I was disenchanted by Facebook, and I tried to break-up with Facebook.  I just didn’t feel like it was truly connecting me with people on a deeper level.  This was my issue.

I have since learned, and been told by many close (real life) friends, Facebook is not where you make deep human connections.  It’s the surface level and I needed to accept it.  So, it was my mistake to think I would suddenly become close friends with someone I haven’t seen since, or was even friends with in the 10th grade!  If they weren’t friends with me in high school, they probably aren’t knocking down my cyber door to get a cup of coffee now.

Still, I am here to say I can eat my words. I have found value in Facebook!

6 Things I like about Facebook

  1. It can help me make friend-to-friend connections and further solidify a budding friendship.

    I’m not FB stalking, but I noticed a new friend “liked” a photo of one of my dear friends. I thought, “How do they know each other?! These are two people from different parts of my life, what’s the connection?” Well, they were former coworkers (from 10 years ago) and are still good friends. If one of my soul sisters is friends with someone new in my life, then they must be good peeps. Friendship elevated!

  2. When I’m in a pinch and need help or advice, someone has the answer.

    Everyone loves to offer advice when it’s unsolicited. When I’m on FB in need of a solution, I am actually ASKING for advice (and this is a rare occurrence in my real life). People like to share their advice and I can take it or leave it, but I get a lot of feedback and the variety is great.

  3. If I need to buy or sell something, somebody is interested!

    The buy, sell, trade groups are great. ‘Nuff said.

  4. Facebook is a helpful directory of friend recommendations.

    I turn to FB when I need a recommendation on who to call for help, especially when it comes to anything house-related like a good handyman, electrician, contractor, landscaper, lawn maintenance, etc. Within 24 hours I have a list of people to try. Moreover, it’s nice to get a recommendation from a trusted source.

  5. It’s a great way to find kid stuff.

    Beyond the buy, sell, trade groups, moms are resourceful and if I have a mom-specific question (like where to take my kid to see horses) I get a multitude of answers and help. It makes being a mama a lot easier. Thank you FB friends!

  6. Moms supporting moms.

    Even though there are mommy wars and plenty of nastiness, I focus on the moms who support other moms. We all question if we’re doing the right thing by our kids, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

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