How do we avoid raising daughters who are mean girls? My answer: don't be a mean girl yourself.
I left my family for 24 hours and this is what happened.
This is why meditating has made me a better mom.
I love the idea of passing my jewelry down to my girls, but they need to be in good shape.
Body satisfaction - how are we doing?
Will I ever feel like I'm not the insecure girl who wanted a boyfriend in high school?
Get your stylist and image consultant questions answered straight from the source. My image consultant Traci speaks the truth and answers your questions.
Take time to date your partner, even though you're married with kids.
I am not signing my kids up for activities.  With the new school year, I hear parents talking about dance lessons, soccer games, football practice, gymnastics, music lessons and various other activities.  My oldest did gymnastics for about a month over the summer, it was a bear getting out the door every Saturday morning, so when …
Did I ever tell you about the time I almost lost my mind?