Parenting Hack: How I get my kids to share, know which feet to put their shoes on, and keep doll shoes from getting lost

When my best friend came to visit me with her 2 year old daughter, she noticed some stuff I do and really encouraged me to put it on the blog. She called them parenting hacks, so this post is for you lady!

Parenting Hack #1.  How I get my kids to share: ask them to find a toy to share

I don’t want to be a referee all day long so when someone is crying over a toy they MUST have, you’ll hear me say,

i) “When Ilana is done with her turn, you’ll get your turn. We need patience.  Thank you so much for patience!”

ii) Sometimes this works, but other times the kid is still crying, so I turn to the kid with the wanted toy question and say, “What do you think we could do help her feel better?” (This totally jives with my Mindful Parenting mindset.)

iii) The kid with the wanted toy starts thinking and I can see the wheels turning, so I say “Do you think you could find a toy Ilana would like to play with?”

iv) A lot of the time this turns into my little girls running around the house saying “I KNOW what she’ll like!” and handing over toys to her delight (crying has stopped as she waits to see what will be given to her). Sometimes they just hand over the toy in question (then get tons of praise from me for being generous and kind).

Bonus feature: This also leads to my oldest giving her most “loved” and prized toys to her sisters to play with (at my shock) because she normally guards them with her life.  Will wonders never cease?

Parenting Hack #2.  How I get my kids to know which feet to put their shoes on: draw in them

I found this on Pinterest, but I cannot find the original pin (darn it). Draw a heart or flower inside their shoes and they need to line up the picture to know which feet they need to put their shoes in!  Beautifully simple.

IMG_4966 IMG_4963

Parenting Hack #3.  How I keep doll shoes from getting lost or choked on: glue them onto the doll’s feet

I originally did this because my oldest was starting to show interest in Barbies, but my twin babies were interested in putting everything in their mouths! I superglued Barbie’s shoes onto her feet to avoid any choking issues and solve the potential problem of tiny lost shoes.  No more concerns!

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