Passing down my jewelry

My three little girls love jewelry. They have more play necklaces than I can count, and they know one day they will get to wear my jewelry.  My oldest loves to go through my jewelry box and talk about every piece she sees.  I am not interested in getting new pieces of jewelry for every occasion (birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day), but the items I have are high quality as well as really meaningful.  They all have extra sentimental value to me.

I want to keep my jewels in good shape, so in the years to come, my girls will have nice pieces of jewelry to wear from their mama. I learned restringing pearls is something necessary to maintain the quality of pearls (get a quote here at Pearl & Clasp).  What?!?  My mom gave me a string of pearls for my high school graduation present, and my wedding gift from my hubby was a multi-strand pearl bracelet (you can catch a glimpse in the photo). How cool would it be to give my daughters these same pieces of jewelry years later?  Even better, I can update the look of my pearl pieces without breaking the bank.

Wearing my wedding gift on the big day (pearl bracelet).

I love meaningful traditions (like how we named our girls according to Jewish tradition), so giving my girls beautiful pieces of jewelry with lots of meaning is right up my alley.  Keeping my jewels in good shape just makes sense.  In addition, I love finding new pieces I love with a modern twist like these dropped pearl earrings I can wear every day, or at a formal event.



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