Random Roundup – August 29, 2017

Random Roundup – August 29, 2017

Horse love

I signed one of my daughters up for an extra-curricular activity (drum roll please): horse riding lessons. My typically hot-tempered kiddo becomes very calm and peaceful on a horse; it’s honestly therapeutic.  This is a first because my parenting philosophy leans away from putting my kids in a ton of extra-curricular activities for exposure.  I would rather my kiddos show a real interest in something before I sign them up and buy all the accoutrement (I do not have visions of the Olympics or Carnegie Hall concerts).  My most spirited daughter is obsessed with horses.  Rather than sign her up for lessons immediately, I tested the waters by taking her to visit some horses (twice).  Each time she loved it and kept asking to ride.  It was a challenge finding a place who would take a kid less than 5 or 6 years old (she’s 3 years old), but I’m a resourceful mama.  Now I am in awe of seeing her transform when she’s in the saddle.  This is one activity I am happy to sign her up for.

Gifted is a great movie to watch

I watched Gifted curled up on the couch on a Tuesday night.  I smiled, laughed, and gulped down sobs at different points throughout the movie. It is superbly acted and just a lovely story.  If you are looking for a good story, check out Gifted (and Chris Evans is always delightful to look at.  I prefer this role MUCH more than Captain America).


Yoga with Adriene

Check out these YouTube videos if you want a really nice (and not too challenging) yoga session at home. They are about 20-30 minutes and a great way to start or wind my day down.  I love them.  I am on day 14 of “30 Days of Yoga with Adriene” and I look forward to doing 31 Days of Yoga Revolution with her next.  Adriene has a really calming presence, she does a nice job explaining the poses and it’s like I’m taking a class with a friend!


Lots of change at Chez Dickstein

My oldest daughter started kindergarten last week; my twins are out of diapers, therefore no more cribs.  We transitioned their nursery into a “big girl room” complete with twin beds and my old bedroom furniture from my childhood.  We flipped their car seats around so everyone is forward-facing (3.5 years rear-facing and lifting a kid into the middle seat was long enough).  It’s really beautiful to see my girls growing up.


I DON’T feel like time is flying by too fast

With all this change (see above) it’s easy to comment “where has the time gone?” Oh I KNOW where it’s gone.  I have the privilege of documenting my life in this blog, but I also journal and meditate.  I can look back and read old journals if I want to (I only reread the entries describing the days I gave birth).  With meditation I have found a way to savor the moment and live in the now.  I am not going to look back 15 years from now and think “Those were the good days.”  The good days were happening 15 years ago, they are happening now, and they will continue into the future.  Every day I get to live my fullest life is a good day.




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