Random Roundup – July 14, 2017

Keeping it short and simple with 2 things I’m loving right now – music and nail polish:

Lorde’s album Melodrama

If I was a teenager, I could see all the songs becoming my personal anthem. She captures my angst-riddled self without being annoying.  I could see myself putting this album on in college as I danced, prepped and pre-gamed with my bestie/roommate before going to the bar or club.  Now my bar is in my kitchen and the club looks a whole lot like my comfy couch.  The first song Green Light is SO good, but I’m not sure about the dancing on a car in the video.

Sally Hansen’s pretty pink nail polish 

The soft pink nail polish color lets me feel like a grown up and little kid simultaneously.  My 3 girls are sporting the same color with me right now. It’s $1.97 at Walmart (price cannot be beat!).  Add a quick dry top coat and it stands up to my life.

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