Random Roundup – June 19

Why I vacation with my 3 little kids

My hubby and I took our family of 5 to an all-inclusive in the Dominican Republic two weeks ago. While on vacation (woo hoo finally international!) I thought about how different it would be without our kids. We could enjoy long leisurely dinners and not think about policing little people who literally want to dance ALL THE TIME. For my ladies, any open floor space is a dance floor, but then I would look at their little faces (even after a major meltdown for no particular reason) and I would rather be with them on vacation than without.

I am not a mom who plans on taking adults-only vacations because this is the season of my life.  Right now is my time to be the mom (aka the whole world) to my little ones.  This also means they are basically suction cupped to me and always underfoot (I accidentally step on someone daily).  This is OK because I don’t know what the future holds. This is our time to be together.  I don’t know if my girls will like going on vacation with me as adults (I’ll pay!).

This trip punctuated yet again, how all my girls truly want in life (at ages  3 and 5 years old) is to be together with their Mama, Daddy and sisters and I’m OK with weathering the unexplained tears, the major meltdowns, the “I only want Mama” demands of my time and physical body, not to mention the WIDE spectrum of emotions which jump around all the time because this is what I signed up for.  This time will pass and they will be sulky teenagers who roll their eyes at me soon enough.  I’ll have plenty of time for adults-only vacations in the future.  In the meantime, there’s date night.

A part of me will always be the poor graduate student

We went on vacation for 6 days and I forgot to turn off the air conditioning before we left (granted, we had to leave by 3:15am, so my mind wasn’t really feeling sharp). I cannot believe how wasteful this was, also environmentally damaging (global warming is real peopleeducate yourself)! As I was bemoaning my forgetfulness and unnecessary spending on utilities, my hubby pointed out it’s OK, we can afford the bill. Then I had a flashback to my incredibly poor days as a graduate student.  I would scrape and sacrifice for a $9 Metro card and it was a BIG DEAL.  For a good idea of what my mental state was like, this is a great book (hilarious and really fun to read), The Broke Diaries. I’ve come a long way, [unnecessary air conditioning for all! (but not really)] yet a part of me will always be the incredibly poor graduate student.

This tomato sauce makes me very happy

Who knew 4 ingredients simmered in a pot for 45 minutes could taste like heaven? It’s seriously the best and easier sauce recipe on the fact of the planet.  Make it, eat it, enjoy it, bathe in it, just try Marcella Hazans tomato sauce. It’s my new comfort food.

Leading with my Michelle-ness before mom-ness

A new friend paid me SUCH a compliment by saying she didn’t know I was a mom with three little ones no less! We met through a professional capacity and had a lunch date where I started talking about my kids and she was confused.  She had no idea I’m a mom!  I feel like the vast majority of my life is wrapped up in my children (as it should be), but it’s so nice to know I still have my own identity and I don’t immediately come to the table as “Michelle the mom,” I am more than this and it’s a good thing.

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