Random Roundup – June 8, 2017

Movies to watch and movies to veg to, but still send a powerful message (so you’re not completely a lump)

Schools out, it’s the summer, and being outside is the thing to do. Still, I love crawling under a blanket on my super comfy couch; it’s quite soporific (SAT word!) and watch movies, movies, movies. I LOVE movies, especially a movie with a happy ending, but I also like movies which make me think and open my mind and knowledge of the world too.  I am NOT a fan of movies which leave me wanting.  Abrupt endings irk me, big time.

Here are my recommendations for surprisingly good, incredibly touching, and thoughtfully done movies:

Lion – I don’t want to give the plot away, but the acting is really amazing (Nicole Kidman transforms herself yet again) and if you ever considered adoption, or you just have a beating heart… get ready for an emotional and true story. This movie delivers.

A Monster Calls – I was a bit distracting by Sigourney Weaver’s British accent, but Liam Neeson knock it out of the park. This is a combo tear jerker and coming of age story.  I was riveted and floored by the message and awesomeness of it (this reminded me of Pan’s Labyrinth but less dark and gruesome).

The Dressmaker – This movie starts off a little confusing, but hang in there, it all comes together. Kate Winslet is amazing (per usual) and who doesn’t like looking at Liam Hemsworth in a total swoon-worthy role?

Miss Sloane – Wholly badass Batman! I loved Jessica Chastain before this movie and now I love her even more (also don’t want to cross her).  She slays.  It’s intriguing, fast-paced, and very thought-provoking.

I AM – If you’re looking for spirituality mixed with science.  Here is your solution.

What’s the point of worrying?

I used to let my head get cluttered with “what if…?” thoughts until I heard my meditation teacher say worrying doesn’t change anything, it only brings you stress. A-HA moment.  What purpose does worrying serve?  Now, if I feel as thought I am worried about something, I try to figure out how I can influence the situation and take action.  When it comes to others (especially their health), I am not responsible for someone else’s actions and life choices.  I am, however, responsible for my children and husband.  I influence what they eat and do, and play a big role in how they take care of themselves (e.g. going to the doctor when warranted).  Worrying, why bother?

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