Random Roundup – May 18, 2017

Here’s just a random smattering of the stuff going on in my life this week.  This is my “Random Roundup” for your enjoyment.

Moana soundtrack

I have a musical crush on Lin-Manuel Miranda (hello Hamilton) and he wrote the music to Disney’s Moana. I am obsessed with the Moana soundtrack.  The deluxe edition has Lin-Manuel rapping on You’re Welcome (it’s everything I hoped it would be).

The soundtrack to Home is very good too. Home has a special place in my heart because my oldest daughter’s hair looks like Tip’s from the movie (see above).

I Mom So Hard

I am really enjoying Kristin Hensley & Jen Smedley from I Mom So Hard.  I sent the link to my best friends and one of my besties said, “Omg these are my people!  We could so do this…”  I think we missed our calling, but these two do an awesome job momming so hard and make it so funny.

Hubby’s away on business and the house is strangely calm

For some reason my home is REALLY calm when my husband is away on business. He travelled the past two weeks for work and I am TOTALLY ok with this.  Everyone says, “Oh how are you holding up?” as if I should burst into tears.  I guess I could bemoan the lack of an extra set of hands (I have a 5 year old and 3 year old twins), but the girls just seem to do better listening, and the emotional mood swings are a little less extreme with a single parent.

Of course, I prefer to have my hubby home, but the house is cleaner, things are more organized, my “to do” list shrinks, and I sleep really well with the whole bed to myself (sorry Honey).  My hubby has noticed the difference when I’m away too.  When we’re down a parent, things are really fine.

Looking at real estate on Zillow:

I won’t say “a girl can dream” because I do NOT want to move, but I just like looking at what’s out there. This is 7 year old Michelle’s magical princess fairy tale dream house.

Finding the silver lining:

My hubs and I had an incredibly stressful encounter with a neighbor last week and it ruined my mental state for the weekend. The silver lining was seeing both of us “suit up” to help one another.  I saw how we both gear up and really have each other’s back in the face of adversity.  I do not like feeling as though I need to be on the defensive (it’s just not my style), but it felt like we were Transformers and Optimus Prime said, “Autobots, roll out!”  We were ready to battle together.  There is incredible comfort in knowing my hubby/soulmate is truly my partner in everything life throws at us.

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