Reasons Why I Don’t Get the Mom Struggle (Reasons #1-4)

Reasons Why I Don’t Get the Mom Struggle (Reasons #1-4)

I have heard more than once, “You make it look easy” when it comes to motherhood. I think I might gain some haters from this admission, but I don’t get the “mom struggle.”  I would hate me too if I were in the mom struggle and trying to get through another day as I stumble across this post.  I don’t think motherhood is necessarily easy, but I am not in the trenches of the mom struggle.

I don’t get the mom struggle and it’s not because I have the perfect marriage and my kids behave perfectly (believe me, they turn into gremlins from 5-7pm every day). I have REALLY thought through a lot of big life decisions to get where I’m at right now in my heart and mind, and one of the positive side effects has been avoiding the mom struggle.  This has been my journey.


Reasons #1-4 Why I Don’t Get the Mom Struggle

1. I’m just not hard-wired for stress or anxiety


One of my best friends told me I am “not easily rattled or stressed, so I don’t naturally find Mommying stressful. Some people are wired for stress, drama, and complaining.”

2. I know what matters most to me


My bestie also shared, one of my successes is I have a crystal-clear perspective of what matters to me and what does not. I don’t want it all, and thus aren’t reaching for it all the time.  This did not come with some bumps in my road (actually, some flat out falling onto my face moments too). I have struggled to get to this place of peace and calm.

3. I have really low expectations.


I don’t expect every day to be chockfull of amazingness. I don’t aspire for my life to look like a magazine spread or coveted Instagram account.

When my kids were infants my expectations were really low. It was a good day if I kept them fed, relatively clean and generally happy (hair combed and clothes without stains are optional).  As they grew older and the inevitable tantrums and discipline became a priority, I relied on positive parenting and mindful parenting.  Still, it’s always a crapshoot.  What may calm my kid down today will not work tomorrow.  I just have to roll with the punches.


4. I do not overschedule, I protect my sleep, I do not feel pressure to do what I “should” and I say no to invitations I don’t really want


My kids are not signed up for extracurricular activities unless they show a genuine interest themselves.  This means I am not running around town to make it to practice and buying one-time use dance recital costumes. I do what I want to do without making excuses.

Stay tuned for 5 more reasons why I don’t get the mom struggle tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Don’t Get the Mom Struggle (Reasons #1-4)”

  • What my mom struggle boils down to is the day to day drudgery. Like cleaning the floor where kids dropped food all over and it literally looking exactly the same 24 hours later. And a kid dumping out the toy chest I just put away. And the repeating myself 50 times a day. I think “Is this going to be my life, endlessly picking up after oblivious people?” and the thought does not put me in my happy place. I don’t feel this way all the time or even most of the time, but that’s what I struggle with personally.

    • I hear you! I get VERY annoyed if I have to clean up the house at the end of the day. They are not my toys and I am just as happy throwing them all out! I try to incentivize my kids with a movie or treat for cleaning up, but sometimes it just comes down to me telling them “I need good listening, I need you to clean up.” I also pull out a trash bag and start putting toys in it telling them I’m getting rid of them. There are times they actually join in picking out which toys can get donated or trashed! I have given them 3 minutes to clean up and whatever is still on the floor will be trashed. Lastly, if they still do not clean up, it’s a time out for not doing good listening. The surround-sound cacophony of 3 girls crying on the floor at once is not pleasant, but it gets the message across and then they clean their toys up. Lastly, I am teaching them how to use the hand-vacuum and sweep. Crumbs are never ending and we don’t have a dog.

      • Well, this post (and hanging out at your house) inspired me to treat myself to a new cordless stick vacuum, which will be here in 2 days and should help relieve the messy floor issues!

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