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It's a 2-parter! The concept of finding more time requires more than 1 blog post.
The answer to this question is always changing. How do you do it all? How do you find the time?
Finding time is really challenging. Here is what I do to find balance and carve out time for myself and friends too!
How often do people magically change who they are because their calendar flipped to a new page? Let’s think about what we want to do MORE of. Here are my 3 big New Year's Resolutions.
I only do ONE load of laundry a week. It isn’t like I designate a day for 5 loads of laundry. I bring down JUST ONE basket, ONCE a week. Why? Because I don’t enjoy doing laundry and I don’t want to waste my time. Read below and perhaps you’ll find ways to save a bit of time too.
Top 10 reasons I do NOT own a smartphone.
My mind is guilty of jumping to conclusions, passing judgment and making assumptions. How often do you see someone who is pretty and thin and think skinny bitch? What has this woman done to warrant such a moniker from me – exist in my presence? I’m going to invest my thoughts and energy on the people who matter in my life...
I often hear, “Well you are lucky, you have easy kids.” I think there’s more to it than luck, it’s where I set my expectations and I look for the positive in every situation. I also try to tune in to what my kids needs are and what they are trying to communicate. Every baby has their own way of telling you what they want and what works for them.
I go grocery shopping once every two weeks. Yes, it’s true. I do not step foot into a grocery store (if I can help it) but twice a month. Also, I avoid the nightly question of “What’s for dinner? And do we have the ingredients?” It’s one less thing to stress over at the end of the day. You, too, can plan healthy meals, shop the sales to save some money and feel like you’re doing something good for your family while making your life a little easier.
I feel like I get the "How do you find the time?" question a lot. For me, I think it's a combination of things, but it all comes down to unplugging.

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