Breastfeeding: To breastfeed, or not to breastfeed?

Esther is less than 24 hrs old and we're off to a beautiful nursing start.
Esther is less than 24 hrs old and we’re off to a beautiful nursing start.

I am a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), so this may come as a surprise, but I was not really interested in breastfeeding before I had my oldest daughter. I did not want to have a baby hanging off of me. I was not breastfed as a baby, I did not have breastfeeding role models growing up, it just seemed foreign, unnecessary, and plain weird. It was my husband who encouraged me to just give it a shot. He knows better than to tell me what to do, so his gentle suggestion was just the right nudge I needed. Now I can confidently say I am passionate about breastfeeding and my husband is my biggest “lactivist” and advocate. Without his support (during 3am feedings no less), I know I would not have been successful nursing my first daughter, and I sure as heck would not have attempted to feed my twins. I am a successful nursing mama because of him, 100%. The daddy’s support should never be underestimated. When I was tired, frazzled, and felt like I couldn’t get anything right he would remind me about my only job (during maternity leave) was to take care of the baby/babies and this meant nursing. He was right, and his encouragement, love and support was the biggest boost I needed.

In general, I feel like breastfeeding can be a polarizing subject. New moms feel enough pressure to care for their baby in just the right way. This is not about being perfect. I support any feeding decision you make because it is right for you. You are the mama, and you know best.

Tandem nursing Miriam and Ilana less than hour after delivery. I met my first nursing goal and it felt awesome.

I think it’s amazing you are willing to give it a shot and I think starting off with a realistic goal is FANTASTIC. I just wanted to be able to nurse my singleton, and then twin babies. I did not give myself the goal of 6 months or longer. Once my girls latched for the first time out of the womb, I thought, “Okay, first goal met!”

I nursed Esther, my oldest, for 13 months until she self-weaned. <<tear>> Now Miriam and Ilana are 10+ months old and we’re still nursing, and it’s awesome. Incremental goals are the way to go. You are very smart for thinking of it this way.

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