Your Top 3 Questions Answered Straight From My Stylist/Image Consultant

Traci has been my image consultant for over a year and I cannot tell you how many times I get complimented because I look effortlessly styled.  The benefits are invaluable!  Get your questions answered straight from from the source!


  1. How can I justify the cost of a personal image consultant/stylist?

Traci says: Having a one-on-one workshop in the privacy of your own home is all about you in your clothes on your body, and this is priceless.  As an image consultant, I help you learn to see yourself through different eyes, learning best personal fit, proportion, fabrics, styles, lengths and colors only for you.  This is something you will never get at any store dressing room, online stylist (especially if they are pushing product) magazine or online tutorial.

I come to your closet in-person and show you everything in front of a mirror.

I always teach you why each garment works or doesn’t work because understanding the why is key.  I work with your existing wardrobe and create a plan of what to add (if needed).

However, I have been to closets where we didn’t need to buy anything!  There are some cases where they had it all (actually too much) so we Closet Detoxed for two appointments and Mastered the Mixx for a few appointments and ordered a few shoes to avoid wearing only black foot wear.  This experience is not about buying to buy, it is about having less but creating more outfits.  Getting more bang for your buck.

My experience, certification and training since 2008 comes with me each and every time we meet, shop or chat. Working together saves you thousands over time.

Michelle says: Traci speaks the truth! I was not sure of what to expect when she first came to my house, but I saw the results on a good friend of mine, so I knew it would be a good experience in the end.  She really looked at my wardrobe and helped me see what was working for me, and what was not based on my skin color and body shape (not size or weight on the scale… literally the proportions from shoulder to bust to waist to hip, etc.  Not once did she ask me how much I weigh).

I didn’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe, but fine tune the colors and cuts to make sure everything I own serves a purpose and can be worn multiple ways. The biggest light bulb moment was when she showed me the colors which do not work for my skin tone and I could immediately see how some colors make me look like I’m glowing and other make me look tired, like I’m fighting the flu (yuck).  I can accomplish looking youthful and vibrant all from wearing the right color?!

Now, I actually own less clothing, but I have many more outfit options because I can put everything together in different ways.

Nothing is a standalone garment any more.  Also, I hate to iron, so we did not buy anything requiring a lot of fuss and maintenance.  This speaks to her knowing what fabrics will work and still looks polished and stylish (not just branded and expensive).

When we go shopping, she’ll be the first one to say, “Let’s go through everything I pulled, see what looks right, what you like, then add up the total price.” I vetoed some clothes I just didn’t feel like myself in, and we vetoed some clothes we felt were the wrong cut or were too pricy.  If something looked nice, but was not worth the cost, we watched it online to see it go on sale later in the season.

I am mindful of cost and Traci understands and respects this.  She has never pushed me to buy an item because I just “had to have it.”  The fluidity and flexibility of working with Traci is awesome, and now I hesitate to buy ANYTHING without her input first!  I email (because my phone doesn’t text) her photos of stuff I find in the store or online and ask if it’ll work with my wardrobe.  She gets back to me right away and then I make the purchase or not!

  1. Why shouldn’t I just go with an online stylist like Stitch Fix?

Traci says: Going with an online stylist doesn’t work as well because they do not have an understanding of what you currently own and what you are currently doing in your closet.  I get to know you and what you want to accomplish from this experience by conducting an in depth phone interview followed up with a Style I.Q. questionnaire.

An online subscription is all about selling you more garments.

Online styling is not really about building your core wardrobe that embraces your whole life while supporting your visual message to others as you reach your goals.  What they’ve done is eliminate the brick and mortar costs and taken away the ability of trying on several sizes of the same garment.

No designer has the same fit model so there is no way a 4, 6, 8 or any other size will always fit the same.  You don’t have a live person giving you advice on fit or if the item is worth investing in tailoring and how much to expect to pay for tailoring. Also many of these services don’t include all sizes like the plus gal.

Michelle says: I have been given invites to clothing parties and received invites to try online stylists.  I think they sound fun, but I know I will not purchase anything because the purpose of the party is to sell clothes, not pay attention to my personal style.  How do they know which colors look best on me if we have never met?  How do they know what sort of cut is right for my body shape?

Online styling sounds easy and fun, but I know I’ll miss the mark and buy stuff I think looks cute, but will not work for my whole wardrobe in the end.

I want a garment that lasts and works towards my goals of looking classic, polished, but fun-loving.  Traci knows me and really thinks about what I wear and my lifestyle (professional and a mom of three little ones).  I am quick to tell her, “I need to figure out what to wear on the weekends with my kids” and she makes a point of putting looks together just for this purpose.  She really listens and understands.  She’s not pushing me towards a purchase for the sake of making a purchase.

  1. I’m interested in working with a image consultant/stylist, but worried you’ll tell me everything I own is wrong and I’ve been dressing like a fool! Now I need to throw out my whole closet and start all over again.

Traci says: It’s common for insecurities to pop-up when thinking about letting a person into our intimate personal space.  I get that.  This is one of the main reasons I do complimentary style phone strategy calls.  Once you hear my voice and feel my energy over the phone while we chat about the process, costs, fashion, style and what frustrates you, you’ll learn I’m not a judgmental person coming to chastise you.

I am an authentic perfectly imperfect person myself!  My wish is to eliminate your frustrations and elevate your confidence in the closet.

Michelle says: I was incredibly nervous at the thought of working with Traci.  I stress ate the night before she came to my house to do my colors, body shape id and closet detox!  Then we started the process and I was incredibly relieved.  Traci put me at ease right away and she’s incredibly easy to work with.  She wouldn’t be in business for nearly a decade if people didn’t want to work with her!  Now I have my hubby getting in on the style action and I cannot wait to see the looks she cooks up for him!  Traci does magic like Cinderella’s fairy godmother, but without a wand (can you tell I have too much Disney in my house?)!

Check out Traci’s newly re-launched website and sign up for her blog – you will not be disappointed!


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