The Twin Baby Gear I really used and could not live without

Twins on the way or they are already here? Here are my life-tested recommended twin baby gear and products.

Please note, this is NOT a sponsored ad, so everything here is my honest and unbiased opinion… actually life-tested (as seen by photos). You deserve to know how these things really work, so please know I really use all of these items with my kids.

I would love to say I’m truly a minimalist mama, and I always (internally) smirked at parents who said “they couldn’t live without _____.” As it turns out, I cannot pass judgement because putting this list together made me realize I had a lot of stuff I really needed.  Touché karma.

High chair: Fischer Price Space Saver

High chairs come with removable trays too. Older version is on the right, the newer version on the left is even more narrow and sleek.
Booster seat style

Pro: It fits on the chairs you already have, so it doesn’t take up more real estate in your dining area than you already use. Also, it tilts (didn’t know this for an embarrassingly long time) and grows with baby to become a booster.  The pad comes off and goes in the washer.  If it’s easy to clean, it’s a winner.

Cons: Buckles and straps don’t come off easily, so once they get dirty they are hard to clean.

Breastfeeding pillows:

I bought 2 pillows – one for upstairs use at bedtime and throughout the night, and a second for downstairs use.  I was so tired of schlepping the Boppy up and down the stairs with my first baby, I decided I’m having two babies, so I’m getting two pillows.  It definitely made life easier.

Breastfeeding pillow for infancy: Twin Z Pillow

Tiny nuggets asleep in my twin nursing pillow downstairs. Clutch.
Tiny nuggets asleep in my twin nursing pillow downstairs. Clutch.
3 months old and still chilling in the Twin Z.

Pro: Twin Z can be used for nursing both babes when they are very little, then it can be used for them to snooze in. It has multiple uses!  Remember to keep pillow on the floor if babies are in it, they will eventually wiggle and fall out of it (sadly, I can attest to this).

Con: Twin Z is not easy to use for nursing when babies are bigger (rather squishy and they roll away from the boob too easily).

Breastfeeding pillow for 0 – 13 months: My Brest Friend Twins Plus

My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe Nursing Pillow  was stationed next to my bed for nighttime feedings.

Pro: Very study and structured, used it until the babies were 13 months old and self-weaned.

Con: Big and bulky – serves only one purpose.

Stroller for infant carrier car seats: Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame

Double stroller frame collage

General note about strollers: everything with multiples is big and bulky, except for the babies themselves. When looking for strollers I wanted something easy to maneuver, open/close and store because I wanted to get in and out of the car/store/park wherever quickly (especially when it’s raining).  I have babies I need to put in and out of the car, I don’t want to mess with a big, heavy (and taking up lots of room in my trunk which is meant for groceries) stroller.

Pro: The frame is lightweight (comparatively) and offers tons of storage underneath the infant carriers. This is very easy to fold and store.  I just can’t say enough good things about this frame.  Bonus, this is super affordable!  I loved it a lot and I miss using it!

Con: Sometimes the mesh netting would get caught, on a screw on the metal frame, when trying to open the stroller. If I wasn’t careful, the netting would tear.  Also, coffee cups (which I had many of each day) were easily jostled and spilled in the cup holder.  These are really minor things to complain about though.  This stroller is AMAZE-BALLS.  I couldn’t have lived without it (there, I said it – I needed stuff to survive with twins).

Double stroller for toddlers: City Mini Double Jogger

City Mini collage

Pro: It turns on a dime, handles really well, fits through just about every narrow door I have been challenged with, big shades are great for blocking the sun and nasty weather. The wheels are small (this stroller is not truly meant for jogging) so space in my car trunk is used wisely.  It looks kind of cool.

Cons: This is very expensive, but all double strollers cost a pretty penny.  (I used credit card reward points to get mine for “free” and I bet second-hand stores or ebay have used models.)  It is hard and annoying to reach storage underneath, buckles are annoying to adjust, it’s awkward to fold and store (doesn’t stand on its own very well, so we need to prop it against the wall or car).  There are a lot of cons here, but overall, it’s the best I could find on the market.

Pack and Plays: Graco Pack ‘n Play playard (aka portable bed)

Graco pack and play

General note about Pack and Plays: I know it’s tempting to get the uber big twin version with all the bells and whistles because you have twins dammit, you deserve the bells and whistles! But let me tell you – it’s annoying to set up and tear down multiple pieces.  Once the babies outgrow the basinets on top, it’s not safe for them to sleep together in one playpen.

If you are using your pack and play as a stationary crib in a part of your house and you don’t need to move it, go for the bells and whistles. If you are using the Pack and Play for travel, get 2 lightweight easy-to-use Pack and Plays because you are schlepping two babies and bringing two playpens which may be heavy, bulky and come with multiple pieces (in addition to packing your stroller and potentially high chairs).  Hauling around more stuff to set up, tear down and keep track of will just not serve you well.

Pro: Graco is my brand of choice because they are easy to set up. We have struggled with other brands trying to get the sides to click into place and nothing is more frustrating when you are away from home and trying to set up your baby’s bed and it just won’t work!  My experience with Graco is that it’s very easy to use; it folds up to be very compact and travels SO nicely.

Con: Can’t think of anything. Graco takes the cake when it comes to pack and play baby gear.

Clothing: Zip Front Sleepers

Preferred sleeper is yellow with a zipper. I love how the babies are holding hands!
Preferred sleeper is yellow with a zipper. I love how the babies are holding hands!

Pros: You can use a sleeper for bedtime, or all the time (like I did early on). The key is the ZIPPER.  You have twins (or more) so you don’t have time to individually snap clothing.  Of course, once you’re done snapping, you see you missed one and you have to start all over again (super frustrating).  I told friends and family I would only accept zip front sleepers no matter how cute their clothes are because when I have a blow out in the middle of the night, I am not going to tackle snaps.  I need to get the babies clothes on and off two times over… NO SNAPS!

Cons: You may be limited and feel wistful about missing out on cute clothing with multiple pieces (like a onesie, then jumper with a cute jacket or sweater on top). But when it comes down to it, your baby is cute, the clothes are nice, but look at your baby to get a dose of cuteness and you’ll feel better… especially after quickly doing two nursing sessions and diaper changes in less than 20 minutes (yes, I have done this at 3am with twins)!

Other baby stuff – like swings

I am holding off on suggesting any other major baby gear because I ended up NOT purchasing a lot of stuff (like a second swing, rocking baby seat, jumperoo, etc). I learned from my oldest daughter, there are some things my kids just won’t like.  My twins were not into swinging (crazy, right?!), but they LOVED swatting at stuff on activity mats.  I found a second-hand activity mat for $10 and saved a ton of money and space by NOT purchasing two mechanical swings which would have not been used much anyway.  Wait to see if your babies like something before shelling out the big bucks and buying more stuff to take up space in your house (or buy it second-hand to save tons of money to put towards 2 college savings accounts)!



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