What I did when my kids were not meeting their developmental milestones

These girls were just not interested in walking on their own.
These girls were just not interested in walking on their own.

When my twins were 1 year old, they were not walking (yet). One of my babies was crawling and beginning to pull up on furniture, but my other twin was very efficient at getting around by rolling, pivoting to get the correct angle she needed, and then rolling some more.  My rolling baby was not showing any signs of scooting, army crawling or moving in any type of linear fashion.  I thought her rolling/pivot technique was pretty inventive, but something deep down inside my mama gut was nagging me and saying something is not right.  And then, at their 12 month well-child visit, the pediatrician mentioned wanting to see both babies walking by 15 months and the need for an evaluation if they are not there by 15 months.  My mama gut was screaming, “There is no way Ilana is going to walk independently at 15 months!”

SO, in true Michelle fashion, I took the proactive approach and scheduled an evaluation on my own terms. I wasn’t going to wait another three months.

Head over to my Northeast Ohio Parent blog to read what happened next.

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